The 2013 Hurricane Season Begins! Be Prepared!

By Adam P. Newton, June 5, 2013, Hurricane Prep, News

The 2013 Hurricane Season Begins! Be Prepared!June 1st of each year marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, and we want to help all of our friends, fans, followers, and family to be ready for the storms predicted for 2013. The most important step is to collect as much data and as many resources as possible so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions if a hurricane decides to head your way over the next few months.

Or, to use language that Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and/or disaster readiness experts can appreciate – “Be Prepared.”

Here are the basics:

Be Informed

  • The 2013 Hurricane Season is projected to be above-average in terms of storm activity, no matter which meteorologist you prefer.
  • For example, predicts that we will experience 16 storms in total. Eight of them will turn into hurricanes, and 4 of those will become major hurricanes. And of those 4, 3 are projected to achieve landfall on U.S. soil.
  • If you do live in a storm-prone area, you should remain abreast of weather conditions so that you and your family are aware of a storm approaching your area.

Be Ready

  • Have emergency plans in place for you, your family, and your friends so that you stay safe if you evacuate.
  • These plans should also include getting your home ready for a storm, including the physical structure, your personal items, private documents, etc.
  • Have emergency goods and gear accessible so that everyone stays healthy during evacuation.
  • This information is available on a number of government websites at the city, state, and national level, though we recommend viewing for excellent information, checklists, and tools.

The 2013 Hurricane Season Begins! Be Prepared!To keep abreast of any hurricane-related news throughout the 2013 Hurricane Season, we recommend that you visit our Hurricane Prep Center on a regular basis. You’ll find great resources like our Hurricane Tracking Chart and Hurricane Preparedness Guide, both of which are packed with great information. If and when a tropical depression or storm appears in the Atlantic that could become a hurricane, we’ll provide regular updates to its direction and development.

You should also follow Bounce Energy on Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog, as we’ll post additional pertinent information regarding any hurricane – both before and after it might make landfall – so that you know how to respond to what’s happening. We want to help you be prepared!

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