7 Tips for Maximizing Moving Day and Your Moving Company

By Adam P. Newton, June 4, 2013, Moving

7 Tips for Maximizing Moving Day and Your Moving Company with Bounce EnergyAs moving day draws nearer, you and your family are becoming ever more excited about the prospect of moving into your new home, but you’re also worried about not having an easy move. There are some things you can do, however, to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. With these 7 helpful tips, you can hopefully get the most of your big move and out of your moving company as well.

Research, Research, Research

Do not go with the first moving company that you find in your search, or even with the first one that gives you a good price quote. There are a variety of companies to compare if you want to choose the right one for your big move. Ask for references and check them. Also, do not forget to check with the Better Business Bureau while researching.

The best approach for your research? Ask questions. Ask lots of them. Not every moving company offers the same quality of service, so you want to learn specific things about each one. Important factors include whether the company can guarantee your items will arrive safe and sound, and the kind of insurance carried to ensure that nothing happens. You also want to know if the movers pack your items for you or if you must do it yourself.

No Online Price Quotes

While this tip is a bit counter-intuitive in our permanently online society, we’d recommend that you shouldn’t blindly trust the online price quotes you find. In most cases, the moving company has to actually see what they have to transport before giving an accurate price quote, meaning that they will need to physically come to your home.

And even if that online price quote is close to the one you receive verbally upon that home visit, you need to then get a written estimate from the company as proof of the pricing in case there’s a price disagreement on moving day. Ultimately, online price quotes can be a very helpful gauge of a company’s fees, but they cannot be truly representative of the final price you’ll pay on the day of your big move.

Check the Moving Company Website

When researching information on a moving company, be sure to check out the details on a company’s website. Almost all reputable companies have a website these days, but it’s important they display their address and contact information prominently so that visitors can quickly find the necessary information. And it certainly helps if it can be verified easily by a cross-check with the Better Business Bureau or other online references.

You can also learn more about a moving company by investigating its various social media outposts and reviews. A good company will have an active Facebook page where satisfied customers can leave messages. The company might also have a Twitter feed, so you can search what people have said about them there, and it might help to look into what people are saying about the moving company on websites like Yelp.

No Company Name on Van

The absence of a moving company name on a vehicle can be an ominous sign. If you can’t verify who’s driving the van the day of your big move, you have no clue where your stuff might actually be going. It also helps if you can also view a phone number, website, or any other company logo on the side of the vehicle. Always look for identifying information from the movers, especially if the company name is not boldly displayed on the van or moving vehicle. Who these movers represent should not be a guessing game.

Cheapest Is Not Always Best

7 Tips for Maximizing Moving Day and Your Moving Company with Bounce EnergyAs you research the moving company that’s right for you, you need to remember that the cheapest rate might not always be the wisest course of action for you and your family. Sometimes, it is worth a bit of extra expense to ensure that the moving company your family is using is reputable and high quality, so that you can avoid even more expenses later (i.e., in case something is broken). You want to make certain that you are receiving top-notch service and that your stuff is protected on moving day and that the job is done right.

Don’t Ignore Other Classic Warnings

As with any service, there are often classic warning signs that something may be amiss. For a moving company, you should definitely watch out for large deposits or other fees required upfront, lack of a company name when the phone is answered, lack of a company name on the truck being used for the service, and unverifiable assurances that the price quoted covers all insurance and service fees.

Plan In Advance

Finally, the best way to get the most of your moving day is to start planning at least a month in advance (or 3 months, if you’re an extra good planner). This preparation will certainly save you from most of the headaches that typically come along with moving into a new home. It will be time well spent if you take the time to plan your move in detail, since you can consider any other problems that might creep up on you and your family. While you can’t plan for every possible scenario, any planning you can do to prepare for your big move will be helpful.

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