Bounce Energy Helps Zoey’s Angels Care for Grieving Families in Need

By Adam P. Newton, June 3, 2013, Charity & Community, News

Bounce Energy Helps Zoey’s Angels Care for Grieving Families in Need

There are few things in this life more heart-rending than losing a loved one to the ravages of cancer. But when that loved one is a baby who will never be able to experience life, the pain is immense and nearly immeasurable. Thus, having experienced this terrible agony themselves, the wonderful folks of Zoey’s Angels have made it their life’s work to bring whatever help, care, love, and assistance they can to grief-stricken families in need.

Born June 14th, 2011, Zoey “Isadorable” Dockal was diagnosed with rare and debilitating strains of liver cancer and heart disease. After a month of courageous battling, Zoey passed away just 6 days before her 6-month birthday. Zoey’s Angels originated from the comfort and outpouring of support her parents received from their friends and family during this time of great loss. The founding of the organization provided the opportunity for Zoey’s parents to heal themselves and honor their daughter’s memory by working to heal others.

Zoey’s Angels strives to help those families who have lost an infant after an emotionally and physically draining experience in the hospital. Families receive assistance that can take care of the financial pressures incurred by medical, burial, and lodging expenses. Even more importantly, Zoey’s Angels connects these families in need with a thriving emotional support system that consists of others who have experienced similar losses.

Bounce Energy is proud and honored to once again partner with Zoey’s Angels in an effort to raise awareness for the hard work they are doing to help families in need. Along with a donation of $2,500 to this amazing organization to assist with their efforts, we will be providing an additional donation of 50 cents for each new “Like” that we receive on our Facebook page during the month of June. We will also be participating in the “Zoey’s Angels Fun Walk” that will be held on June 15th, 2013 at Firkin & Phoenix Pub in Houston, TX.

The outstanding work being done by Zoey’s Angels is emotionally tough but so very necessary. It’s great to know that hurting families mourning the loss of their infant can receive the support and love they need and deserve. Visit Zoey’s Angels on Facebook to learn how you can help this remarkable organization.

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