Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Lower Your Electricity Bill when You Earn Incentives

By Adam P. Newton, August 26, 2013, News, Save Money

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Lower Your Electricity Bill when You Earn IncentivesIn July, Bounce Energy proudly introduced the newest version of our industry-leading MyAccount. This technology gives all of our customers – both residential and commercial – access to all of their electricity account information wherever they might be. This month, we want to share these great features with you, from managing your account and plan to exclusive offers and everything in between. Today, we’re discussing how you can lower your bill by earning incentives. To view earlier installments, click Part 1Part 2, and Part 3

Who doesn’t like to save money on their electricity bill? It’s like finding free money you didn’t know you had until your bill arrives in your mailbox or e-mail inbox. What if I told you that we wanted to help you make that happen more often? Well, with the recent upgrades we’ve made to our MyAccount technology, we’ve made it easy for you to earn rewards and incentives that will help you lower your electricity bill on a regular basis.

Rewards Programs

We’re always touting our amazing rewards programs here at Bounce Energy – and for good reason. No other retail electricity provider in America offers customers the chance to earn bill credits, gift cards, and more just for paying your bill on-time each month. With MyAccount, you can view your rewards program information in more detail than ever before, whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These are your rewards that you’ve earned for being an awesome customer, so we want to make sure that you can choose the reward you want, as some of them help you lower your electricity bill.

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Lower Your Electricity Bill when You Earn Incentives


We also think that our Refer-A-Friend program is really great too. When you tell people how much you like Bounce, they can sign up with us using your unique Refer-A-Friend code, and you will each earn a $50 bill credit. Since there’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, there’s no limit to the amount of bill credits you can accrue. We’ve given you ways to talk to your friends about Bounce using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, printable business cards, and more! And with MyAccount, you can earn incentives that help you lower your electricity bill whether you’re at home on your computer or traveling with your smartphone!

Peak Rewards

It gets hot here in Texas, especially in the summer time. At Bounce, we’ve found a way to help customers stay cool and save money even while reducing the strain on the energy grid. Through MyAccount, you can sign up for our Peak Rewards demand response program and then earn a 5% bill discount if you lower your electricity usage when an emergency event has been declared. If there is such an event, you can use MyAccount to track your usage and learn how to reduce your usage so that you can earn that bill discount and lower your electricity bill – even in the heat of summer.

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Lower Your Electricity Bill when You Earn Incentives

We want you to have access to your MyAccount wherever and whenever you want. That’s why we’ve made important upgrades to our technology so that you can check your account information at home and when you’re on the go. With any luck, you can learn to use your MyAccount to your advantage so that you earn incentives and lower your electricity bill.

Log into your MyAccount and see what’s new!

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