Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Online Plan Management

By Adam P. Newton, August 28, 2013, News

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Online Plan ManagementIn July, Bounce Energy proudly introduced the newest version of our industry-leading MyAccount. This technology gives all our customers – both residential and commercial – access to all of their electricity account information wherever they might be. This month, we want to share these great features with you, from managing your account and plan to exclusive offers and everything in between. Today, we’re discussing tips for proper online plan management. To view earlier installments, click Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

It’s the 21st century, and if we can’t have flying cars yet, we should at least be able to take care of the little things in life from a convenient electronic device. That’s why Bounce Energy wants to make it as easy as possible for you to take care of your electricity account details with our handy-dandy online plan management tools in MyAccount. We discussed some of this information last week in our “Account Management” post, but we wanted to expound upon a few additional tips. Let’s start in the “Your Service” section of the left-hand sidebar menu.

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Online Plan ManagementPlan and Account Information

In this area, you are able to can examine the most important information in your electricity account. Check out your current billing information, payment methods, and past bills. You can also review your account number, username, contact phone number(s), and Authorized Alternative Contact, and, if needed, you can correct your email address, paperless billing status, auto pay billing status, and ask for a password reset.

Below that you can see three tabs, each representing a range of details pertaining to each order for every service address you’ve ever had with Bounce: “Your Active Orders,” “Your Pending Orders,” and “Your Past Orders.” For each order, you can view the service and billing address, ESIID, meter read dates, plan and rate details, contract expiration date, and the specific extra services and products for that service address.

While you’re only able to edit the billing address in this section, this information is some of the most important to your Bounce Energy electricity account, as it answers a great many day-to-day questions you might need answered when viewing your bills or learning more about your service with us. Need to know the energy rate you’re paying? It’s here. Curious about when your meter will be read next? That’s here too. Want to learn the expiration date for your current contract so that you don’t slip into a variable-rate plan with a high rate? You can see that here as well. Educating yourself in this area now can go a long way to prevent frustrations later.

Transfer Your Service

This is very straightforward section, and we made it that way with a specific purpose. We wanted you to be able to transfer your active Bounce service to a new address without any interruption and without needing to talk on the phone with our Customer Service. There are only a few steps to get your service transferred, once you select the service address you want to transfer from:

  1. “What date would you like to stop service at your old address?”
  2. “What is your new address?”
  3. “What date would you like to start service at your new address?”
  4. “View Your Options.”

Once you choose the plan you want to use at your new service address, you will need to confirm that you have read the Electricity Facts Label, Terms of Service, and other related plan documentation. After that, you will simply place your new order and service should start at your new place on the day you selected. For your convenience, Bounce Energy permits up to 30 days of overlapping service between any 2 given service addresses.

However, if can’t process the transfer of service in your MyAccount, please call Customer Service at 1-888-452-6862 so that you can receive help from one of our phone representatives.

Renew Your Service

The other primary online plan management resource available to you in MyAccount is the ability to renew your service with ease. First, let’s go back to the “Plan and Account Information” area and scroll down to the “Your Active Orders” tab. There – in bold red letters – you should be able to see the “Estimated Contract End Date” for your order(s). If you are inside of 60 days from that date, you should see a link called “Renew Your Service” in the left-hand sidebar menu.

When you click that link, you’ll be brought to a screen that provides you a list of available plan options for you. We typically show you plans that are as long as your current contract term or longer. For example, if you’re on a Terrific 12 plan, we’ll show you the rates for the Terrific 12, Amazing 18, and/or Tremendous 24. Once you choose the plan you’d like, you will have to confirm that you’ve read the Electricity Facts Label, Terms of Service, and other related plan documentation. Your new plan will then begin on the next full billing cycle after your current plan expires.

If you are unable to renew your plan online or do not see a plan that interests you, please call Customer Service at 1-888-452-6862 so that you can speak with a helpful representative for plan renewal assistance.

To wrap up, we’ve made these improvements even better by making them available to you on any possible mobile device you might have. You can use the Bounce Energy app on your smartphone or tablet and take care of any of your online plan management needs.

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