Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Updates to Our Mobile Technology

By Adam P. Newton, August 23, 2013, News

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Updates to Our Mobile TechnologyIn July, Bounce Energy proudly introduced the newest version of our industry-leading MyAccount. This technology gives all of our customers – both residential and commercial – access to all of their electricity account information wherever they might be. This month, we want to share these great features with you, from managing your account and plan to exclusive offers and everything in between. Today, we’re discussing updates to our mobile technology. To view earlier installments, click Part 1 and Part 2.

You see that smartphone in your hand? It contains a more powerful computer than the one that sent Apollo 11 to the moon in 1969. Who would have thought that 44 years after that amazing feat that we’d be able to make international phone calls, research trivia, and listen to music all from the same handheld device? Isn’t technology wonderful?

Bounce Energy knows that many of our customers are constantly on the go, which means they’re somewhat “glued” to their smartphone in terms of day-to-day operations. So, when it comes to providing you access to your electricity account information wherever you are and whenever you need it, we have assembled one of the best account management systems in the market. And we’ve now made the mobile MyAccount experience even better.

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Updates to Our Mobile TechnologyWith these new upgrades to the mobile MyAccount technology, you will be able to:

  • Easily refer your friends to Bounce so that you can both earn bill credits
  • Review your Rewards information and select a reward
  • Check new offers and promotions
  • Read the helpful content at our blog
  • Call Customer Service directly from MyAccount
  • Read our Mobile FAQs so that you can learn more about Bounce Energy and the energy industry

Don’t fret. All the features you love are still available – they’re just greatly improved. You will still be able to view and pay your electricity bill with the convenience of your smartphone and our Bounce Energy app. You will also be able to review your account information with ease, as well as renew your service with Bounce or transfer it to a new service address.

The updates to our mobile technology are based upon a simple premise. We believe that when you click on the section you want, you should be brought to the information you want to read, without needing to sift through stuff that isn’t applicable to you at that moment in time. That is the essence of a great smartphone experience – reading what you want to read, without anything unnecessary cluttering up your screen. With Bounce Energy, you should be able to view the information in your MyAccount on your terms, so we want to bring it to you to the best of our ability.

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