Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Updates for Small Business Customers

By Adam P. Newton, August 21, 2013, News, Small Biz

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Updates for Small Business CustomersIn July, Bounce Energy proudly introduced the newest version of our industry-leading MyAccount. This technology gives all of our customers – both residential and commercial – access to all of their electricity account information wherever they might be. This month, we want to share these great features with you, from managing your account and plan to exclusive offers and everything in between. Today, we’re discussing updates for Small Business customers. To view earlier installments, click Part 1.

Here at Bounce Energy, we love all of our Small Business customers, but we do acknowledge that you’ve never had quite the same “bells and whistles” our residential customers have appreciated. Well, with our recent upgrades to MyAccount, you won’t have to feel left out any longer! Now, your account information will be better laid out than before, you’ll enjoy the improved user experience, and you can finally take full advantage of our best-in-class Refer-A-Friend program.

Using Your MyAccount to Your Advantage – Updates for Small Business CustomersFirst, we’ve redesigned the look of your MyAccount so that the important information is clearer, more obvious, and better defined than ever before. Since owning and operating a small business can keep you busy on a 24-7 basis, you need your electricity account information accessible and easy to understand. And because we’ve revamped our mobile platform, you’ll be able to view and work with your account information right on your smartphone.

Any time you’re logged into your Bounce Energy MyAccount, will display customized messaging that’s designed for you and the needs of your small business. Whether we’re telling you about a pending contract renewal for one of your properties, sharing a new product with you, or giving you tips for improving the energy efficiency of your business, we want to communicate what you want to read on your terms.

Finally – and this is the biggest news for many of our Small Business customers – with our Employee Referral Program, you can now refer your employees to Bounce just like residential customers can refer their friends. For each of your friends, family members, and/or employees that becomes a Bounce customer in Texas using your Small Business account number, you will receive a $50 Bill Credit. And each of those friends, family members, and/or employees that join Bounce because of you will also receive a $50 Bill Credit.

You have the power to choose any retail electricity provider in the Texas energy market, so we’re honored that you chose Bounce Energy. Thus, we wanted to make the necessary improvements to our MyAccount infrastructure to show you how much we value you as a Small Business customer. Hopefully, you will take advantage of all these MyAccount enhancements and share your love of Bounce with your employees and friends.

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