What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in September

By Adam P. Newton, October 3, 2013, Events & Fun, Green, Save Money

What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in SeptemberThat title should tell you all you need to know about what’s going to happen in this article – if it was on a Bounce Energy Tumblr site in September and you didn’t read it, we’re going to share it. And you can thank us later.

Admittedly, it was a light month at Project: Greenify and Bounce Energy Savings, as we spent time discussing fall activities, tailgating tips, and suggestions for technology that can help you go green or save you money.

We’re so excited about the 2013 football season that we’ve already recapped our Tumblr tailgating tips for you, so we won’t bore you further.

What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in SeptemberEven though typical fall weather doesn’t arrive in Texas for a few more weeks, we still like sharing fun activities for families in hopes that we can hasten the arrival of those cooler temperatures. You have your choice of nifty green activities, fall outings for the budget-conscious, harvesting your crops from spring planting, or planting new vegetables that thrive in fall.

We also discussed technology a bit, since it’s difficult not to do so in light of how much we use the stuff without even thinking about it. And since we wanted to make this information practical, we shared 4 ways to go green with new technology, 4 new smartphone apps to help you green your life, 5 smartphone apps to encourage you to save money, and 5 examples of ways modern technology can help you save money.What You Missed from Bounce Energy on Tumblr in September

And because we like talking about green energy at Project: Greenify, we had a guest blogger discuss 8 questions that every homeowner should ask before making the decision to use solar energy at home.

I hope that you enjoy reading these articles as much as we liked writing and sharing them with you. Are there any topics that you’d like to read about this month or in the future? We’re always looking to learn what’s of interest to our readers!

3 Kids in Fall Leaves image courtesy of nedradio.

3 Kids in Pumpkin Patch image courtesy of pinmonkeypress.

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