5 Ideas for Inexpensive Decorations to Celebrate Fall and Thanksgiving

By Adam P. Newton, November 22, 2013, Events & Fun, Save Money

5 Ideas for Inexpensive Decorations to Celebrate Fall and ThanksgivingWhen Thanksgiving Day comes around, people look for ways to decorate their homes in fun seasonal themes with fall decorations. A house always feels warm and inviting when the smell of warm spices fills the air and earth – toned colors and fall vegetables are seen. Many people working to create this look, however, do not want to spend an arm and a leg to be successful. Fortunately, with a bit of wise shopping and a touch of creativity, it is possible to transform a home into a welcoming fall paradise without spending too much money. Here are some great ideas to get started with inexpensive decorations.

1) Creating Metallic Pumpkins

One of the most common themes for Thanksgiving is to use fall fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkins, squash, apples, pears, and similar foods to double as decorations. Many stores will even sell special decorative fruits and vegetables. To avoid the rising prices on the specially designed decorative ones, buy some of the fruits and vegetables and prepare them as decorations at home. For example, a pumpkin can be sprayed with a slightly metallic paint to help it really pop on a mantle or dining room table. Other fruits and vegetables can be arranged in a clear fruit bowl in the kitchen or dining room. To make these decorations even more affordable, once the season begins to pass or the food becomes nice and ripe, they can also be used to create some delicious dishes and serve two purposes.

2) Dress Up the Table Cloth

5 Ideas for Inexpensive Decorations to Celebrate Fall and ThanksgivingEspecially for those hosting Thanksgiving dinner, the main table is a key area for decorating with a fall theme. While shopping at discount stores may turn up the perfect fall table cloth, those are a bit more creative can even make their own. Fabric stores typically sell wonderful fabrics much cheaper than tablecloths are sold for. Decorators can either by a smaller strip to make a runner to go down the middle of the table or enough to be transformed into a tablecloth. Select colors such as browns, oranges, yellows, and similar earth tones that really bring the fall and Thanksgiving to mind. The table will then help provide a perfect background to serve the Thanksgiving Day meal.

3) Track Down Thanksgiving Day Dishes

5 Ideas for Inexpensive Decorations to Celebrate Fall and ThanksgivingThrift stores and consignment stores are often two overlooked shopping paradises. Since Thanksgiving dishes are only really appropriate for a short period each year, many people do not like to hold on to them. It is possible to find some great Thanksgiving themed dishes for those who know where to look. Those who cannot find specific Thanksgiving Day dishes can also opt to select something more fall themed, such as a deep orange set of dishes. The dishes, combined with the tablecloth, will create a very distinct fall theme for the dinner. If it is difficult to find a full set of the same color, consider mixing and matching, for example buying earthy orange, green, and brown plates to really let the creativity shine through.

4) Look Outside for a Centerpiece

5 Ideas for Inexpensive Decorations to Celebrate Fall and ThanksgivingThe centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table is another critical detail. While many people spend their time combing through stores to find the perfect idea, they neglect to look outside their own window. There are a wide range of items which can be used to build a beautiful centerpiece often right in the backyard. Pinecones, acorns, fall flowers, and even a few choice sticks can be used to create the perfect look. Make sure anything brought inside has been inspected for bugs or anything else that should not be brought into the home. Some people may choose to spray paint the items with metallic paint to create an enhanced effect, others may prefer to leave them looking natural. Either way, they can be arranged in a bowl, vase, candle holder, or even just laid out in a special arrangement depending on taste.

5) Candles

5 Ideas for Inexpensive Decorations to Celebrate Fall and ThanksgivingCandles can often be found for a reasonable price either online or in discount stores. While scented candles cost a bit more, one or two is needed to create a nice effect. For example, a single pumpkin scented candle on a mantle with several ordinary white candles on each side will help create some nice fall flair. To dress up the candles even more, consider buying orange colored ribbon and tying a single bow around each white candle. They can even be arranged with pinecones surrounding them. This is one decorating idea where simplicity can truly inspire beauty.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season in the minds of many and so preparing the home for the festive time can be fun and exciting. Fall decorations often revolve around specific earthy color schemes along with fall harvest foods and turkeys. Fortunately, these festive ideas mean that it is quite possible to decorate the home without spending too much of the holiday budget. Use the above ideas to get started preparing a home for the season with inexpensive decorations.

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