7 Great Holiday Gift Ideas under $20

By Adam P. Newton, December 18, 2013, Events & Fun, Save Money

7 Great Holiday Gift Ideas under $20The holiday season is a wonderful time to exchange heartfelt gifts with friends and family. Buying presents is such a wonderful way to show appreciation and love for another person, but a long list of people can add up to quite the hefty holiday expense. Here are some wonderful holiday gift ideas that allow everyone to participate in the gift giving without going over $20 per person.

Electronics accessories

From smartphones and iPods to digital cameras and tablets, it seems as though everyone these days has some kind of electronic gadget. These accessories help to protect these valuable items or make them easier to use, so they are suitable for almost anyone on the shopping list.

Hoodie Camera Case

7 Great Holiday Gift Ideas under $20This piece is perfect for protecting digital cameras from being damaged when clanking around in pockets or purses. It also comes with a separate pocket to hold extra memory cards or batteries, making the case very convenient for those on the go. Since it’s sleek and stylish as well, it should fit easily in a purse or bag for easy transport. It comes in a variety of patterns and designs.

The Selfie Taker

Those who love taking “selfies” will love this gift forever. It is the perfect addition for anyone with an Apple device. It allows users to properly center their picture and make sure that they love it before they actually press the button. It is plastic, easy to wipe clean, and small enough to transport along with the phone in a bag or purse.

Food and Drink

It is hard to go wrong when buying someone food and drink. The holidays are the perfect time to really satisfy a sweet tooth. These gift ideas will satisfy those who really appreciate something special to enjoy.

Sees’ Candies

Who doesn’t love quality chocolate? This box offers different flavors so that the recipient can enjoy each type rather than having to choose. With words like ‘divine’ and ‘delicious’ used frequently to describe this treat, it is easy to see why it would be such a hit with friends and family.

Unusual Gifts

These gifts are perfect for people who already have everything. They are not something that most people buy on a regular basis, but are fun enough to offer some entertainment and enjoyment for the receiver.

Eye Glass Holder

7 Great Holiday Gift Ideas under $20Many people wear some kind of glasses, whether they are reading glasses, daily glasses, or sunglasses. This creative holder will help make sure that no one misplaces their glasses again while also adding a bit of decor into the room. It would fit well on a mantle, book shelf, or bedside table.

World’s Smallest Walkie Talkie

Talk about going old-school! This gift will let people ditch the cell phones for fun. They are great for adults looking for a funny gift, or for kids looking for something to play with. They work up to 150 feet apart, so they are perfect for running around the house, communicating through walls, and between floors. They do require batteries, but they are included with the set.


Books make great gifts for those who enjoy learning about new horizons and are perhaps a bit nostalgic about the world before the advent of Nooks and Kindles. These are some great picks for the readers on your list.

I Am Malala

7 Great Holiday Gift Ideas under $20The story of the young teenage girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking in favor of schooling for women and managed to survive reached every corner of the earth. Since she has managed to recover in the United Kingdom, she has also written a memoir that should interest a range of audiences. The book offers insight into the Pakistani culture, the fight for women’s education, and one young girl’s journey to just attend school. It has been described as inspirational.

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot

With the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, the tragic event has been on many people’s minds. Written by the the host of The O’Reilly Factor (who also wrote Killing Lincoln), this book has been very popular with audiences in 2013.

Finding the perfect holiday gift for everyone on a shopping list can be a challenge. Adding in a budget only makes it harder. Use this list to jump start a shopping day while also managing to stay under $20 per person. Finishing shopping on top and not spending the entire holiday budget on gifts will definitely be something worth celebrating.

Hoodie Camera Case image courtesy of Built in NY.

Wooden Eye Glasses Holder image courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

I Am Malala image courtesy of Hatchette Book Group.

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