5 Organizing Tips to Clean Your Home After the Holidays

By Brooke Drake, January 10, 2014, News

5 Organizing Tips to Clean Your Home After the HolidaysAfter the last piece of pie was eaten and that last drop of eggnog sipped, you probably found yourself faced with the sad realization that your home is in shambles. While cleaning up after the holidays may seem about as fun as getting a root canal, cleaning your home can actually be easy and less daunting than imagined – especially if you’re prepared. Here are some easy organizing tips to help you clean your home after the holidays.

1) Out with the old and in with the new. After the holidays you may find yourself with a stash of new items. The question is: Where are you going to put them? A good idea is to get rid of one or two old and unused items for every new item you keep. Rather than throwing the items out, donate them somewhere like the Goodwill or try selling them on Ebay or Craigslist.

2) Shape up or ship out. With free shipping and the ease of not leaving the house, it’s no wonder why online shopping is becoming more popular. In fact, according to dailyfinance.com, there was a record 66 million online shoppers just on Black Friday. The increase of online shopping means lots and lots of shipping boxes, which creates waste and major clutter. So this year, use those shipping boxes to carry all of your old or unused items that you are donating and break down and recycle the ones you don’t use.

Another use for any remaining shipping boxes is to use them to wrap Christmas lights. According to styleathome.com, you can do so by cutting out a two- by three-foot piece of cardboard. Then cut a series of one-inch triangular notches along each long side and wind the lights around and voila – no more tangled mess of lights for next year.

Styleathome.com also recommends that you wrap garland around cardboard boxes (cue the shipping boxes) and stack them in an ornament box. For larger strings, wrap them in clear plastic and put them on a shelf along with any wreaths (wrap those in plastic too).

3) Out of sight, out of mind. Families with children may receive a boatload of presents from Santa, family members, and friends. Instead of putting everything out – which creates clutter and disorganization – think about putting some of the new items away and out of sight. That way, a few months down the road, when the new toys get boring, you can remove them and bring out the new. To make it a two-fer, why not use some shipping boxes from before (see the trend?) to store those hidden items.

4) Check your house and check it twice. It can drive a person crazy thinking you’ve put all the decorations away just to find one remaining Santa figurine a few weeks later. Not only is it maddening, the remaining item usually gets shoved in the nearest drawer or closet and never gets put back with the rest of the holiday decorations. So be sure to check around the house, even twice if necessary to make sure you’ve removed everything holiday thereby maintaining your sanity and keeping holiday decorations organized.

5 Organizing Tips to Clean Your Home After the Holidays

5) Get rid of unused decorations. Before you start putting ornaments and decorations away, check storage containers for any unused decorations. If there are some you didn’t use and are keeping “just because,” don’t pack them in hopes of using them next year. Remove them from your house immediately! Also go through the decorations and ornaments you used this year to see if there are any you can get rid of because they are broken or damaged.

What are some of your favorite organizing tips to help clean your home after the holidays? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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