Life Hacks to Save Money: What to Buy in January

By Brooke Drake, January 15, 2014, Save Money

Life Hacks to Save Money: What to Buy in JanuaryLife Hacks are popular for many reasons, but we really like them because they tend to save you money. In fact, there are websites like and Lifehacker that provide big money-saving tips by putting together a yearly timeline of when it’s financially best to buy certain items. These websites have product-research specialists monitoring prices throughout the year and have found that big discounts for some items still go by the calendar.

We’ve decided to start a monthly blog series to inform you of these deals. So, here are the key items to purchase during the month of January.

Air Conditioners. While this is a bit of common sense, it’s worth mentioning. During the winter, the demand is low, and this is reflected in the pricing. Where to buy: Through any A/C specialist. Just be sure to price shop a few companies before making the purchase.

Bikes/Outdoor gear. Stores price the gear to sell this month because its off-season for outdoor gear, and the new models come out in February and March.
Where to buy: REI, Academy, Sun & Ski, or other sporting good stores

Boats. If you are in the market for a boat, January is the month for you. Not only is it off-season, which drops the price due to low demand, but it is also boat show time. Boat shows are great to find good deals especially if you are open to buying last year’s model.
Where to buy: Boat shows, boat stores

Carpet/Flooring. The high season for purchasing new flooring is typically in the summer or before the holidays thus making January low demand for flooring. So you snag a pretty good deal.
Where to buy: Flooring stores

Fitness equipment.  Losing weight is at the top of many people’s New Years Resolutions so stores are trying to sell as much fitness equipment as possible before people give up on their resolutions. They found that these items can be up to 70% off!
Where to buy: Sports Authority, Sears, Fitness Stores

Furniture. New furniture hits showrooms two times a year – February and August – making January and July the best times of the year to purchase furniture. January is best as furniture stores send the furniture remaining after the holidays to clearance before the new line arrives in February.
Where to buy: Most furniture stores

Gas grills. This suggestion follows the same idea as air conditioners. The cold temperatures of winter create low demand for gas grills, which means it’s a good time to buy that grill you need for summer.
Where to buy: Lowe’s, Sears

Gift Cards. This is a great month to check out gift card exchange websites since many people are looking to trade in unwanted gift cards received from the holidays for cash.
Where to buy: Gift Card Granny, Plastic Jungle

Holiday decor and wrapping paper. You’ll be able to see savings of up to 75% this month on all holiday decorations and wrapping paper so use this time to stock up for next year. Looking to make the move from a real to an artificial tree but didn’t want to pay full price?  Shop this month and you can save up to $100 on a new artificial Christmas tree. Tip: Make sure to remember where you put it all so it can be used next year.
Where to buy: The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby

Linens/bedding. Often referred to as “white sales”, you can find major deals on linens, bedding and kitchen towels this month. The term “white sale” actually dates back to 1878 when only linens came in white and were put on sale to rev up business for store owners in January. Big Tip: Target stores put “bedding, placemats and cloth napkins on clearance every February. Wait for the third markdown, and you can get linens at 75% off.”
Where to buy: Target, most retailers and catalogers

Motorcycles. It’s cold and icy outside, which is not great for riding motorcycles, but great if you are looking to buy one.
Where to buy: Any motorcycle dealer

TV’s/Home theaters. You can snag a good deal throughout the month, as stores are coming off of the holiday rush. In addition, new models typically make their debut between August and September, so by January their prices go down as well as do older models.
Where to buy: Best Buy, Fry’s

Winter Apparel.  January is a great time to purchase winter clothes and accessories as the stores are trying to make room for their spring collections. You can find deals from 50%-80% off!
Where to buy: REI, Eddie Bauer, LL Bean or any other sporting goods store

Video Games. New games typically come out before the holidays and, unless they were big hits, the overstock is put on sale after the holiday season.
Where to buy: Steam, Gamestop, and similar retailers

Stay tuned for our next blog to find the best items to buy in February!

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