4 Inexpensive Activities for Your Kids during Spring Break

By Brooke Drake, March 6, 2014, Events & Fun, Save Money

4 Inexpensive Activities for your Kids during Spring BreakSpring Break is quickly approaching and for many that means it’s vacation time. However, with the high costs associated with traveling these days, a little “vacay” may not be on your list of things to do this break. So if you and your family are staying home this Spring Break, here are 4 inexpensive activities for your kids to keep them from getting bored or camping out in front of the TV.

1) Libraries. Hit up your local library for various FREE events and classes. They offer special events like story time for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, along with movie days, computer classes, arts and crafts, and more. Check out your local library’s website for a calendar of events.

2) Create a mini water park in the yard. If the weather is nice, set up a mini water park in your yard with any sprinklers, hoses, or water toys that you may have around the house. If you are up for it, have your kids invite some friends over and have them bring over other water toys and make it a big splash day.  This activity is great because it gets the kids outside and active.

4 Inexpensive Activities for your Kids during Spring Break

3) Plant a garden. Make a special trip with your kids to your local greenhouse or plant nursery to let them pick out some veggies or flowers to plant. Next, find some open space in your backyard, give them a spade or shovel, and let them dig in and get their hands dirty. Planting a garden can be great bonding time, gets everyone outside (and away from the TV), and it gives them satisfaction to watch things grow! (Hopefully they do grow!) If you don’t have any space in your yard, you can also use window boxes. Kids still get the same satisfaction from planting things, being outside, and watching things grow. To ensure their garden actually grows, try adding some herbs to the bunch because they tend to grow easier. To make it fun for the kids plant herbs that smell good like basil, lavender, mint, and rosemary.

4) Indoor play places – Let your kids burn off some energy at an indoor play place. For example, Pump It Up has indoor giant inflatable filled play areas where kids can jump out all their energy up to two hours for $6 a child (for kids 6 years and under). For older kids, check out Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park: there’s a room full of interconnected trampolines with angled trampolines on the sides so you can literally bounce off the walls. It can be pricey the longer you stay, but it’s a nice break in the day to get the kids out of the house and exercising without them even knowing it. Note – They offer discounts for home-schooled kids.

If you have any other FREE or inexpensive activities your kids can enjoy during Spring Break, let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!

Dirty Hands Planting image courtesy of BJWOK / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Kid with Two Stacks of Library Books image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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