3 Reasons to Get a Tuneup for your HVAC System Before Summer

By Bouncey, April 7, 2014, Save Money

3 Reasons To Get a Tuneup for Your HVAC System in SpringHooray for spring! I’m so very excited that this very long winter we’ve just experienced has been replaced by warmer weather. But before the real heat of summer arrives, we recommend that you get prepared for the event by having a tuneup performed on your HVAC system now. And as an added bonus for getting your maintenance done early, there’s no long wait time! Because when it’s the middle of July, and suddenly your air conditioner just breaks on a 90 degree plus day with no air, it’s not a pretty picture. Believe me, I’ve been there, and it’s not pretty.

Regular Maintenance

Your HVAC system is a machine that benefits from routine maintenance, much like your car. However HVAC systems, unlike cars, often go overlooked, and this could cost you. Almost half of your yearly energy bills will be from heating and cooling your home. If your home HVAC system is not properly maintained over time, it will not work as efficiently and can elevate your energy bill.

For instance, dirty filters, coils, and clogged drains can all lead to your unit having to work harder, which increases the potential to cost you more money than just a high energy bill. Clogged drains can lead to water damage in your home and the spread of bacteria and mold. Parts of the system that lack lubrication will wear out quicker resulting in expensive repairs. By scheduling routine tuneups, you will use less electricity and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Improving Safety

Part of a HVAC tuneup is to check wiring, gas valves, and lines for any leaks, and carbon monoxide emissions. A furnace that is functioning correctly will exhaust these gases outside, whereas, an undetected crack can cause these gases to leak back into the home. Some homeowners may attempt to conduct their own tuneups, but keep in mind that you would be dealing with natural gas, high and low voltage, and carbon monoxide. Instead, hire a trained professional that will know how to handle everything safely and be able prevent future problems.

Going Green

HVAC systems that are poorly maintained have to work harder to keep up with the demands of heating and cooling a house, so they’re using more energy. In an average household, heating and cooling consume more energy than any other household appliance. An air conditioner running on a hot summer day emits roughly the same emissions as a round-trip flight across the U.S. If your HVAC system has regular tuneups, it will operate more efficiently, making that carbon footprint just a little smaller.

Optimally tuneups should be done twice a year. Now if you are like me, you could easily forget this scheduled maintenance. To remember to get the work done, I recommend that you schedule the tuneups at the beginning and end of Daylight Savings Time.

More Money Saving Tips

Bounce 12+ A/C Protection Plan not only locks you in for 12 months at a competitive rate per kWh but also gives you protection against costly repairs for only $14.95.  The Heating and Cooling Repair Essentials plan gives you peace of mind when dealing with surprise repairs knowing that Direct Energy Home Services will send out trained professionals without an additional service visit charge.

If this wasn’t a good enough deal already, when you sign up for the Bounce 12+ A/C Protection Plan, Bounce Energy customers get rewarded for paying your bill on-time from cash back and movie tickets, or with the Mommy Merits program (which is my favorite), you can earn zoo tickets and other fun things for your family.

Bounce Energy = Tuneups for your HVAC system and rewards for being a great customer. What a way to get ready for summer!

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