6 Gifts from Bounce Energy to You on Our 6th Birthday

By Adam P. Newton, May 5, 2014, Events & Fun

6 Gifts from Bounce Energy to You on Our 6th BirthdayHAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY, BOUNCE ENERGY!

That’s right – we’re officially 6 years old, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Since our birth on May 5th, 2008, Bounce Energy has grown into a strong electricity company serving over 90,000 customers across Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. We’ve developed industry-leading rewards programs, a robust social media presence, and the first-of-its-kind “Build Your Own Plan” that allows Texas residents the ability to create the electricity plan that’s right for them.

So, how are we celebrating our 6th Birthday? We’re taking a stroll down “Memory Lane” to remember 6 of the best ways we’ve taken care of our customers. We wouldn’t be here without you, so your needs remain our top priority in all we do.

  1. Rewards! With our rewards programs, you earn gift cards, bill credits, airline miles, cash back, or other gifts just because you pay your electricity bills on time each month It’s a fairly simple concept, so we’re not sure why other companies don’t follow our lead, but it’s their loss – and your gain.
  2. MyAccount! Why are we so proud of MyAccount? Because we feel it’s important for our customers to have control of their electricity account information on their terms. You can view your usage, plan details, rewards information, transfer your service, refer your friends, and so much more – all without ever needing to call Customer Service (especially since you can access your MyAccount through your smartphone on our app).
  3. Customer Service! Speaking of Customer Service, it’s good to know that knowledgeable representatives are available to answer your questions when you need help. While it’s cool that we’ve won awards and received industry recognition for the quality of the service we provide our customers, we feel it’s more important that you receive the care you deserve when you need it most.
  4. Build Your Own Plan! The Build Your Own Plan program stands as one of the cornerstones to our approach in the Texas electricity market. We believe that you know best what’s right for your home, so we give you the ability to create the electricity plan that fits your needs. Choose from term length, energy source, method of payment, method of billing, rewards program, and more!
  5. Social Media! It’s 2014 – since many of our customers are online and active on various social networks, we want to meet you there! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, our blog, or any of our other outposts, we provide customer service assistance, energy efficiency tips, money saving ideas, seasonal content, fun contests, and a great personality.
  6. Refer-A-Friend! Sometimes, the best advertisement for Bounce Energy is when you tell your friends about us. We want to make it hip to talk about your electricity company in a positive way, so that’s why we developed the Refer-A-Friend program! Every time you refer one of your friends to Bounce Energy using your unique Refer-A-Friend, you and that friend will each earn a $50 bill credit!

Once again, we wouldn’t be celebrating our 6th year as a thriving business if we didn’t make customer care the focal point of our efforts and attention. Thus, when we wish ourselves a Happy 6th Birthday, we want to ensure that our customers receive the gifts they deserve.

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Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Adam P. Newton never acquired the charming accent that most life-long Texans possess in spades, but he’s OK with that. Adam currently creates and curates online content for Direct Energy. Before his career in content marketing, Adam spent several years toiling as a music journalist.

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Comments (2)


  1. Judith Simpson says:

    When I renewed about a month ago, I was told the “Build your own plan” was available to first time customers their first year only.

    Why was I not offered this plan?

  2. Adam P. Newton says:

    Good afternoon, Judith,

    I want to apologize for the misunderstanding regarding the BYOP renewal process. At this time, I have sent an e-mail to you addressing the situation in more detail. Thanks for being a great Bounce Energy customer.