Bounce Energy Wants to Help You Prepare for the 2014 Hurricane Season

By Adam P. Newton, May 29, 2014, Hurricane Prep

Bounce Energy Wants to Help You Prepare for the 2014 Hurricane SeasonSummer is upon us. Along with the arrival of higher temperatures, increased humidity, and more kids running around the neighborhood because school has let out, June 1st of each year also marks the beginning of hurricane season. That’s why the National Weather Service calls the week of May 25th-31stNational Hurricane Preparedness Week.” It’s a time for everyone living in an area that could be affected by a major storm system to take a few moments to get prepared for anything that could possibly happen. This is not a time for doomsayers and worry-warts to begin stockpiling bottled water and canned goods (though a few of those might not be a bad idea to keep available) – instead, it’s a time to engage in some preventative measures for those “just in case” moments.

Here at Bounce Energy, we’ve shared quite a few tips, recommendations, and suggestions for hurricane preparedness over the years. We’ve even set up a Hurricane Prep Center to help people: it’s a place you can go for a Hurricane Prep Guide, Storm Tracker Map, and updates when there are storms advancing through the Atlantic Ocean.

In the coming weeks, we’ll provide updates about the state of the 2014 Hurricane Season, but we wanted to commemorate National Hurricane Preparedness Week by collecting some of our best posts filled with helpful information to help you and your loved ones stay safe if your home and city are ever threatened by a hurricane.

Stay tuned to our Hurricane Prep Center throughout the 2014 Hurricane Season, and be sure to follow Bounce Energy on Twitter for any live updates if a storm decides to make landfall in your area.

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