Life Hacks to Save Money: What to Buy in May

By Brooke Drake, May 6, 2014, Save Money

Life Hacks to Save Money: What to Buy in May

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Life Hacks are popular for many reasons, but we really like them because they tend to save you money. In fact, there are websites like and Lifehacker that provide big money-saving tips by putting together a yearly timeline of when it’s financially best to buy certain items. These websites have product-research specialists monitoring prices throughout the year and have found that big discounts for some items still go by the calendar.

In our fifth installment of this series, we’re telling you the key items to purchase during the month of May.

Office Furniture – Prices on office furniture tend to start dropping after tax season and continue to drop into June. So if you are looking for desks, chairs, and shelving units, check out retailers like Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples.

Mattresses – If you have an old lumpy mattress, then it’s time to buy a new one, and May is the month to make it happen. Be sure to research various mattress retailers before you buy to make sure you are getting the best price.

Refrigerators – Unlike other large appliances, manufactures roll out new refrigerator models in the summer. This makes May a good month to purchase last year’s model as retailers discount them to make room for new merchandise.

Spring Clothes – While we found deals on seasonal spring clothing to be good in April, shoppers will find even better deals in May. So if you were able to hold out till this month to purchase spring clothing, you should be able to find deals up to 75% as retailers make way for summertime fashions.

Gym Memberships – Many runners and non-serious runners tend to head outdoors for their exercise during the months of April and May. So, with more people outside and less people working out inside, gyms are more likely to offer deals and incentives to attract people into their gyms.

Camping and Outdoor Gear – With deals on camping and outdoor gear this month, you’ll find it easy to get outside and moving. Please note: just because a tent claims that it sleeps a certain number of people, be sure to try it out if possible, as it tends not to be as roomy as it claims.

Memorial Day Sales – While some holiday sales don’t truly offer the best deals, the same can’t be said for Memorial Day. Memorial Day Weekend boasts some of the best deals around with some retailers offering up to 40% off store-wide, with plenty of coupon codes available for free shipping and online discounts.

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