Moving this Summer? Let Bounce Energy Help You “BE Home”

By Heidi Hinkel, May 12, 2014, Moving

moving-boxes1Did you know that every year, about 43 million Americans move? That’s a lot of people this year that could be stressed trying to figure out how to make those moves happen. Maybe one of those people is YOU.  That’s why we want to help make moving as easy as possible! Bounce Energy is proud to announce our FREE moving concierge service and moving plan packages through our Bounce Energy Move Center.

So you’re moving? Great! Let us help with:

  • Moving tips & advice
  • Packing checklists
  • Special electricity rates for movers like you
  • Change of address forms
  • Transferring your Bounce Energy service

You’ll also have your own FREE Personal Move Concierge who can help you with:

  • Home Internet, television, and phone connections
  • Mover quotes from reputable moving companies
  • ID theft protection
  • Home security
  • HVAC warranty
  • Cleaning services
  • Energy audits

… and MORE! With a simple call to 1-877-620-0837, Bounce Energy will become your “one-stop-shop” for all things moving!  We are here for any and every need you may have during your move to your new home.  And our services are FREE for both new and existing customers.

So, bounce happier to your new home, since there’s no reason to do it all by yourself. We’ll be your hassle-free personal move concierge, your peace of mind, and your “go-to” for moving.  We’ll help you “BE Home.”

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  1. Yes you’re correct I’m one of those stress people who happens to move in this season. I’m glad I found this site. Am excited to share this one to my husband.