Moving to Texas for the First Time? Let Bounce Energy Help!

By Brooke Drake, May 19, 2014, Moving

BE - moving to texasMoving somewhere new can be an exciting event, especially if the place you are moving to is the great state of Texas. Whether you are looking for a bustling big city or quaint small town, Texas has it all. While the idea of moving can be exciting, the actual act of packing, moving, and setting up in a new state can also be a bit daunting.

So before you make your move to Texas, let Bounce Energy help! With low electricity rates, a free Moving Concierge service, and a Moving center that provides moving tips, information, and online services, Bounce will help make your move to Texas a smooth one.

Before you start packing, let’s start by addressing some issues some people might have about Texas. These misconceptions can cloud your judgement on what Texas truly has to offer.

  • Misconception #1Texans ride horses as their primary form of transportation. While it’s shocking that people believe this, it’s no wonder why since every TV show depicts Texas as full of rolling tumbleweeds, longhorns, and cowboys. In reality, there are big and lively cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin (just to name a few) with renowned restaurants, museums, shopping, live music, and so much more. Yes, there are ranches and horses in smaller towns, but it’s not the norm.
  • Misconception #2Everyone’s an oil tycoon. Sure, there are some of those, and cities like Houston are iconic in the oil and gas industry; but that’s not what Texas is all about. It’s a melting pot of different industries and its growing more and more each day. Internet companies like Google are moving to Austin, there’s the NASA Space Station outside of Houston, and many more various companies are now calling Texas their home.
  • Misconception #3Everything is bigger in Texas. While this does apply to some things like BBQ and hair (for some), this isn’t the norm. Fine dining restaurants (read: smaller portions) are opening almost on a weekly basis, and cities are working to become greener and more energy efficient, therefore lessening the “bigger is better” mentality.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about some helpful moving resources.

Before you pack even one box, check out the Bounce Energy Move Center. This site will be your best friend. There you can find moving tips for your pre-move, moving day and post move, packing tips and a downloadable moving checklist to keep it all organized. If you decide to use a mover, fill out the quick Mover Quotes form to receive quotes from reputable movers. Also, you can find the best deals in home services like cable, internet, and phone and have them connected all from this site.

Since moving to a new city, much less a new state, can be overwhelming, let the Bounce Energy FREE Move Concierge Service (for both existing and new customers) handle the stress for you. It’s a one stop shop that handles a wide variety of moving tasks for you such as local phone set-up, maid service, home security, ID theft and more. Click here for more information.

For those moving to Texas, choose Bounce Energy for your energy needs. Bounce prides itself on being more than just an energy company by providing great low rates, superior customer service and the best rewards program in Texas. There are two electricity plans geared just for those who are moving. The Express Move 6 locks in a low great rate for 6 bills, and you receive a $25 gift card as a housewarming gift. Plus get additional moving services like mover quotes, do-not-mail, do-not-call and change of address. Not to mention, you receive the option for Priority Move-in when you need service turned on within 48 hours, and you get your choice of enrollment in one of their superior rewards programs like Cash Back Rewards, Bounce Energy Rewards or American Airlines Rewards. Then there is the Express Move 12 where you receive all the benefits of the Express Move 6 in addition to a locked-in rate for 12 bills protecting you from rising energy prices.

Bounce Energy has everything you need to make your move to Texas a great success! Give us a call at 1-877-620-0837 to speak with your personal Move Concierge today!

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