5 Ways to Make Friends with Your New Neighbors

By Adam P. Newton, June 11, 2014, Moving

5 Ways to Make Friends with Your New NeighborsTimes have changed and while you may never need to knock on your new neighbors’ door to borrow a cup of sugar, there is still value in making friends with those who live closest to you. After all, you share a property line and you see them every day, so why not make those interactions as positive as possible? Here are five useful tips to help you leave a positive impression with your new neighbors, whether you’re new to town or they are.

  1. Make the introduction. One of the easiest ways to get your relationship off on the right foot is to simply introduce yourself to your new neighbors in a friendly manner. If you have new neighbors moving in next door, give them some time to unload the truck before you walk over and say hi. Bringing a housewarming present like a bottle of wine or box of chocolates is also a great idea. If you are new to the neighborhood and no one has come to introduce themselves, you can create the introduction yourself. Just remember to avoid dinnertime or other times when your appearance may be seen as an inconvenience.
  2. Lend a helping hand. Modern technology has made many daily chores easier than ever but sometimes we could still use a helping hand. If you see your neighbor struggling with an outdoor project or attempting to move a piece of heavy furniture, don’t be afraid to walk over and offer your assistance. Your selfless assistance will have a positive impact on your new neighbors and your relationship.
  3. Host a dinner or barbecue. Hosting an event where you offer delicious food and a casual party atmosphere is a great way to get to know all of your neighbors at the same time. Place invites in your new neighbor’s mailboxes and request the pleasure of their company at your party. Make sure your guests know they don’t need to bring anything but allow them to if they specifically ask to do so. Inviting neighbors over to watch a big sporting event is another option for days when the weather doesn’t cooperate.
  4. Be a considerate neighbor. One of the easiest ways to be a good neighbor is to avoid being a bad one. Be courteous to your neighbors by turning down the volume on your stereo or television and avoiding loud parties that go on too late. Finally, work to make sure your lawn is up to the standards of your neighborhood. No one wants to be near a home in disarray.
  5. Support your children playing with one another. Children can often be a wonderful bridge that brings people together. If you have moved into a neighborhood with children of similar ages to yours, encourage your children to get out and make new friends. Just make sure you follow suit and introduce yourself to your new neighbors.

Whether you’ve just moved in or the house next door just sold, new neighbors can create a bit of anxiety. However, if you make an effort to be a respectful, friendly neighbor, there’s no reason your first interactions with your new neighbors can’t be the start of a lifelong friendship.

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    It’s a wonderful think to get along with your neighbors! Btw the given advice is great.