Embrace Your Extension Cords with 3 Ideas for Clever Wall Art

By Franny Zollinger, July 14, 2014, Events & Fun

In today’s homes, an increasing number of electronic devices provides all sorts of entertainment options. However, one dilemma you face with these electronics are the cables:  they are everywhere! A wire spaghetti monster sprouts from your entertainment center, behind your computer, or worse, at your bedside, waiting to trip you up! Thankfully, you can tame the cords and cables with a little creativity, so try these 3 clever ideas and embrace the extension cords.


First, check out this inspiration from Homedit.com on turning your messy wires into artwork. Instead of hiding the wires, display them to improve the decor of your home!

Embrace Your Extension Cords with 3 Ideas for Clever Wall Art

Great Wall Art Ideas!

With an excess of leftover extension cords, you can design a cityscape, a small forest, Or you can write words on the wall like the above “Off” reminder or something inspirational. That simple series of loops is easy on the eyes and still decorative, though I also like the clean lines are in this photo, as it reminds me of a vintage kitchen from the 1920’s. On the other hand, the very tech-savvy display of cables looks like the designs on a microchip.


If you don’t have the wall space to turn your wire spaghetti monster into modern artwork, there are other ways to embrace the cables. Instead, feature them in your home in ways that aren’t an eye sore but cheer up the room.

Embrace Your Extension Cords with 3 Ideas for Clever Wall Art

Clever Cord Designs

Designer Karl Zahn from Oboiler.com tidies up this extension cord using the rope work techniques of sailboats. With some leftover fabric scraps, you can make your own DIY cord cover, as it’s a great way to use up that last little bit of fabric you really like! Big, bulky beads are definitely a fun way to decorate your cords, so learn how to bead your cables here and see more beaded extension cord options here. Wrap up your cords in electrical tape or washi tape to add a little color that will brighten up any room. You could try dying the cords with paint, but tape is so much easier and it can help you remember which charger is which between your phone, tablet, iPad, and/or camera! The “bird on a wire” look brings a whimsical way to dress up your cable, and you can find these clip-on Wire Blooms on Monkey Business.


Sometimes, Hiding your cables is the best option, but that may be easier said than done.

Embrace Your Extension Cords with 3 Ideas for Clever Wall Art

Fun Ideas for Hiding Your Cables

This picket fence is another Karl Zahn design from Oboiler.com, as it’s a fun design element in a room with a tree on the wall, perhaps one made from your cords turned into wall art? For the more practical sort, use handy cable drop clips to keep your cables in place, but if you don’t live near a Container Store, you can find the Command hooks in a local hardware store, while binder clips also help you tame pesky cables to keep your desk or nightstand organized. The Plug Hub is a housing unit for multiple cables, as it’s perfect for all the cords behind your computer desk or entertainment center since you can easily wind up the excess cable and hide it behind the box.

Embrace Your Extension Cords with 3 Ideas for Clever Wall Art

Creative options for outlets and powerstrips

Last of all, I must share with you these creative and modern cords, outlets, and powerstrips. I had no idea there were so many other options out there to make your electrical outlets and extension cords so amazing! There are flat electrical cords, modular powerstrips, rotating multi-outlet sockets, floor plan light switches, and so much more  Go check them out at:

How do you display or hide your cables? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


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