Five Games to Teach Your Kids Energy Efficiency (and Avoid the Summer Heat)

By Brooke Drake, July 28, 2014, Energy Efficiency, Events & Fun

With kids home for the summer and the summer heat in full effect, now is a good time to find ways to teach kids about energy efficiency – for the present and the future.  While it would seem easier to train a monkey rather than teach kids about energy efficiency, there are ways to make learning fun. These five games not only instill good energy practices, but also keep them entertained and able to avoid the hot summer heat.

Five Games to Teach Your Kids Energy Efficiency (and Avoid the Summer Heat)

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1) Online Computer GamesPlan It Green, the Big Switch: it allows players to create and design their own energy efficient city. Players gain points based on eco-friendliness, energy productions and more, while earning rewards by tackling various energy-related challenging quests.

2) Mental Puzzles. If your kids are into mental puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords, or word searches then click here. You can find a variety of these types of puzzles that are fun to complete and teach kids about energy efficiency, renewable resources, and greenhouses gases.

3) Coloring and Activity Books. For younger kids or kids who enjoy activity and coloring books, click here to download free offerings about saving energy. To really get young kids involved, parents can go to to download a Horton Hears a Who! or Lorax activity book or Lorax.

Five Games to Teach Your Kids Energy Efficiency (and Avoid the Summer Heat)

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4) Hands-On Activities. Many American kids love S’mores, but they are typically only eaten in the winter near a fire. So why not incorporate something they love with learning, even if it is summer time? You can do so by letting them build a pizza box solar oven. You can use a pizza box along with a few more materials to create a solar oven to cook s’mores or other food items. Click here for information on materials and instructions.

5) Energy Scavenger Hunts. Search around the house to find which appliances, lights, and other energy consuming things are “hogging” the most energy. has a scavenger hunt that will get your kids moving by competing to see who can be the best at finding “energy hogs”. The person who gets the most points wins. After the game is done, spend some time going over ways to decrease energy usage.

How are you encouraging your kids to learn energy efficiency techniques while avoiding summer heat? Share your ideas in the comments!

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