3 Ways to Create Family Fun with Fall Leaves

By Franny Zollinger, October 13, 2014, Events & Fun

3 Ways to Create Family Fun with Fall LeavesWith the beautiful autumn weather comes plenty of beautiful falling leaves. There’s such an array of colors to enjoy, from radiant reds to glowing golds, and many shades in between. After awhile, though, they start to pile up on your lawn. Usually, people rake up all the leaves into a nice big pile, stuff them in a plastic garbage bag, and toss them into the garbage. However, we believe there’s no need to throw them away, so we’ve developed 3 suggestions for what you can do with your fallen leaves.


Dry leaves make great brown material for your lawn, garden, and composting pile! You can shred, mulch, mow, or compost these leaves and recycle their energy right back into your plants. When composting your leaves, be sure they are dried out before adding them to the pile. Mowing them is the easiest option. Mow right over the leaves and let them lay shredded on the grass, providing your grass with a natural source of organic nutrients which may also help to suppress weeds.3 Ways to Create Family Fun with Fall Leaves

If you have too many leaves to use this fall, store them safely away for your springtime gardens.  You can also stuff some of your leaves in a scarecrow or use orange pumpkin leaf bags for fall lawn decor!


Colorful autumn leaves make wonderful crafts for kids and adults! There are so many ideas, it’s hard to narrow them down. There are leaf rubbings, laminate place mats, mobiles, clay bowls, wreaths, centerpieces, and the list goes on and on. Here are just a few of the sites that I found to have the most interesting “real leaf” crafts:3 Ways to Create Family Fun with Fall Leaves

  • 10 Gorgeous Ways to Craft with Fall Leaves by County Living. This features a nice collection of decorative home decor using real fall leaves. The fall roses are spectacular, and I absolutely adore these autumn leaf candle holders!
  • 12 DIY Ways to Use Real Fall Leaves by Brit + Co. Another collection of beautiful home decor including gold leaf mobiles, glitter leaf garland, recycled paper pennant, leaf print pillow cases, and some painted leaves decorated in various ways.
  • 25 Things to Do with Falling Leaves by Nanny Magazine. Here is a large collection of ideas to get your children involved in the fall crafting. There are suggestions for art, math, science, and more.
  • Outside with Kids: 15 Ways to Play with Nature by Apartment Therapy. I adore these whimsical nature ideas for crafting and playing with your children. You can create leaf animals, a crown, and other various leaf art.

3) JUMP in Them!

Of course, this is only the most amazing thing to do with your leaves! Let the kids help you build the largest leaf pile they’ve ever seen and then jump right in. Don’t be too surprised when a leaf “fight” ensues, so be sure to bring your camera and create wonderful family memories.

How do you like to enjoy the autumn leaves?

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