Life Hacks to Save Money: What to Buy in October

By Brooke Drake, October 6, 2014, Save Money

Life Hacks to Save Money: What to Buy in OctoberPeople enjoy life hacks for several reasons, but we like them for their money-saving properties. Better yet, websites like and Lifehacker provide lots of money-saving tips on a regular basis, specifically by recommending a yearly timeline of when you should purchase certain items. These websites monitor prices all year to discover big discounts on items.

With Halloween around the corner (and Black Friday next month), it turns out that there are still good deals to be had this month on a few select items. Here are some key items perfect for buying during the month of October.


Since manufacturers release new car models in September, consumers start seeing discounts on cars at the end of the summer. However, consumers will continue to see deals through October as dealerships make way for new inventory.

Halloween Costumes

While THE best possible time to buy costumes is directly after the holiday, that isn’t realistic for most people as they need the costume for this holiday. So with that in mind, the week leading up to the holiday is the second best time to purchase Halloween-related items. It’s at that time when many retailers tend to slash prices up to 30%, 50%, or even 85% off as a last ditch effort to move inventory.


October is a great month to purchase jeans. During the mid to late summer months, retailers tend to stock up in the jean department in preparation for back-to-school time and the fall season. After those months, jeans start hitting the sales rack of up to 40-50% off.

Gardening Tools and Outdoor Items

Now is the time to buy outdoor patio furniture, yard equipment, outdoor sporting equipment, and light camping gear. Since most people won’t be spending as much time outdoors in the coming months, now is the time to benefit from stores clearing out their spring and summer inventory to make room for the winter season gear. Plus, there’s still a good selection of inventory and consumers should find deals up to 40% or more.


If you can find time in your schedule, traveling during the month of October can be a great time. The weather is still enjoyable without mass amounts of tourists getting in the way. To find the best travel deals, target popular summer destinations that are experiencing a lag in business. If you are into cruising,prices are super-low this month. To find an even better deal, choose a “repositioning cruise” which is when the cruise line sails their ship back to its base location so it only travels one way (dealnews).

Do you have any recommendations for great life hacks and money-saving deals this October? Let us know in the comments!

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