4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Visitors

By Brooke Drake, November 21, 2014, Events & Fun

4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Holiday VisitorsThe holiday season is a special time to be with friends and family. For those with friends and family out of town, this is also a time for visitors coming to stay at your home. As wonderful as these people are, preparing for the arrival of visitors can cause added stresses during the holidays. However, with these 4 helpful tips, you can prepare your home for your holiday visitors while keeping your stress level to a minimum.

1) Bathroom

While it’s always nice to have the entire house clean before guests arrive, sometimes that’s not always possible. So, in addition to having the bedrooms clean and ready, the second-most important place to have clean is the bathroom your guests will use. This includes wiping down sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets; making sure there are enough clean towels; buying extra toilet paper; and so much more.

If you have multiple guests using the same bathroom(s), pick up all unnecessary items, like children’s bath toys, ahead of time to clear out as much space as possible. If you want to take it a step further by providing toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, use the small “hotel” sizes instead of buying all-new, full-sized bottles.

2) Décor 

Since it’s the holidays, it would be great to have some holiday décor around your home. Great accents are wreaths and garland, Christmas lights, and holiday scented candles. It’s just a simple way to make everyone feel at home while enjoying the season and cramped spaces.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Visitors

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3) Food 

Think of foods that are easy to make with less cleanup. For breakfast, some easy options are bagels and muffins. For lunch, sandwiches are always great. As for dinner, going out to eat is a good option, or if you plan to stay in, crock pot meals are perfect especially for larger groups.  Don’t forget some snacks and sweet treats for your guests to enjoy between meals. Also, opt to use disposable dishes and silverware, which allow for easy cleanup. Spend this time catching up with your guests rather than being hidden away washing dishes for the night.

4) Sleeping

Figure out how many beds you’ll need for everyone to have their own space. Use air mattresses if you don’t have enough beds. Once you figure out how many beds you need, be sure each bed and/or air mattress is made up with clean sheets and warm blankets. Note that air mattresses tend to be a bit cooler, so keep an additional blanket on the bed in case they need it. To be even more helpful, clean out some room in the closet so your guests can have room to unpack. If there isn’t any room in the closet or no closet at all, think about purchasing a garment rack. During the times you don’t have company staying, it can be used to hang damp clothes in the laundry room.

The holidays should be an exciting time of celebration for everyone – both the hosts and the visitors. Hopefully, these tips cans help reduce the stress and increase the joy. Do you have any recommendations that people would appreciate? Let us know in the comments!

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