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By Adam P. Newton, November 6, 2014, Energy Efficiency, Events & Fun, News, Special Offers

RYU_finalBack in the day, Bounce Energy created a nifty program called Peak Rewards. The point of this fun feature was simple: if you lowered your energy usage when Texas needed it most (typically the depths of the summer), we’d reward you on your next bill. Well, after 2 successful years, we want to bring this service to the next level, so we’re excited to introduce Bounce Back Energy Savings!

By enrolling in this program, you have the chance to earn a 5% discount on your Texas electricity bill when you reduce the amount of electricity used in your home during an “Emergency Event.”

What’s an “Emergency Event?” This is when people start using too much electricity during extreme weather conditions (AC’s in the summer, heaters in the winter), and this lowers the amount of energy on the Texas electricity grid to unsafe levels that could cause brownouts and blackouts. No one wants to be uncomfortable at home when it’s extra-hot or super-cold outside, but we also don’t want the power to go out because everyone is using too much electricity.

shutterstock_92965054So, what’s the key to earning this 5% discount by being a good energy customer? Just follow the rules:

  1. Bounce Energy will call an “Emergency Event” with plenty of advance warning for our customers
  2. We will notify you of this event by e-mail and text message, complete with tips for reducing your electricity usage and staying comfortable in the weather
  3. When the “Emergency Event” happens, you’ll have to use less energy between 1pm-7pm during the summer and between 6am-9am and 6pm-8pm in the winter
  4. If we judge that you lowered your usage compared to your calculated baseline usage, your next bill will contain a 5% discount in the form of a bill credit.

How do you sign up for this program? It’s easy! Simply log into you Bounce Energy MyAccount, click on the Bounce Back Energy Savings link in the left-hand sidebar menu, fill out the appropriate fields, and click the “Enroll” button.

If you’re already signed up with the Peak Rewards Program and want to adjust your notification settings, just log into your Bounce Energy MyAccount, click the Bounce Back Energy Savings link in the left-hand sidebar menu, and click the appropriate options for phone, e-mail, or both. This is important to do so that we know how to contact you appropriately if there ever is an “Emergency Event.”

Ultimately, this program encourages reduced energy usage across Texas during extreme weather situations so that the electricity grid can continue to provide power to everyone. By participating in Bounce Back Energy Savings, we’ll reward you with a 5% bill credit when you use less energy during an “Emergency Event,” and you could also receive a lower bill. Sounds like a “win-win” for you and your fellow Texans!

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