12 Days of Deals: Day 8 – Shop ‘Till You Drop 2

By Adam P. Newton, December 17, 2014, Events & Fun, Special Offers

12 Days of Deals: Day 8 – Shop ‘Till You Drop 2On the 8th Day of Deals, Bounce Energy gave to me … a Gift Card to Best Buy for Fifty! 

Woo Hoo! It’s time for yet another great deal from Bounce Energy! Ready to see exactly what we have to offer? I know you’ve been visiting every day JUST to see what fantastic gift you could win by becoming a new customer.

And what do we have today? It’s a $50 Gift Card to Best Buy! Think of all the great things you could purchase with this reward

  • New video games!
  • The newest movies!
  • Accessories for your tablet!
  • Cords for your entertainment rig!
  • Electronics!
  • And more!

12 Days of Deals: Day 8 – Shop ‘Till You Drop 2What do you need to do to earn a shopping trip? Simply place an order today (Wednesday, 12/17/2014) for a fixed-rate electricity plan at least 12 months in length or longer, enter the promo code 12dayselectronics in the promotion field at the end of the online order form, and pay your first 3 consecutive bills on time. After that, your reward will be sent to your billing address in 6-8 weeks.

Want to earn more from Bounce Energy? Ya know, besides great customer service and the security of knowing your electricity rate won’t change during your contract term? With Bounce Energy Rewards Programs, you have the chance to earn an additional perk of your choice every 6 months!

To learn more about rates in your area so you can switch to Bounce and earn your $50 Best Buy gift card, just visit the electricity plans page for either Texas, New York, or Pennsylvania. We’ll be waiting!

And if you missed earlier offerings in our “12 Days of Deals,” you can still take advantage of those promotions when you sign up today!

Merry Christmas from Bounce Energy!

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