4 Sources for Great Green Gifts for the Holidays

By John Rose, December 15, 2014, Events & Fun, Green

4 Sources for Great Green Gifts for the HolidaysI absolutely LOVE this time of year! October through January, I’m just in heaven with all of the holidays, and we are now smack-dab in the middle of the best one of all! I’m known for having a rather active imagination, but when it comes to gift-giving, my mind becomes a blank slate, particularly for those I see every day. I know I’m not alone in my gift-giving dilemma, so I’m here to help, and since I support all things green, I’ve collected 4 fun and eco-friendly ideas for the holiday season.

Bike Chain Basket image courtesy of UncommonGoods.com

Bike Chain Basket image courtesy of UncommonGoods.com

1) Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Recycled goods are a great source of inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your green-minded friends. Lately, the concept has lots of appeal across a variety of segments given the overall artistry and creativity behind many of the recycled goods on the market. For example, I’ve seen a bowl made of a bicycle chain that’s perfect for a bike enthusiast. For this leg of our little journey, I turn you toward the folks at Uncommongoods.com – you can buy gifts that are amazingly cool and made from recycled materials.

Sunshine Solar Charger image courtesy of XDDesign.com

Sunshine Solar Charger image courtesy of XDDesign.com

2) I Get a Charge Out of You

In our high-tech world, every aspect of our lives seems to now incorporate “smart”-this or “rechargeable”-that. Yet, while the ubiquitous devices in our lives can increase efficiency, the fact still remains that all of our gadgets need to be plugged in. Solar chargers are a perennial favorite for eco-gift-givers, given their obvious “stick it to the grid” appeal, so I want to point you toward a company with a real flare for design and functionality – XD Design. Their products range from the whimsically beautiful to the wickedly creative, especially the solar charger that suctions to an airplane window. This company is definitely worth a look for some great gift concepts!

3) Gettin’ Crafty

By no means an exhaustive selection of recycled goods available on the web, the crafting site Etsy.com is a fantastic resource for finding re-purposed and recycled gifts of every variety. Just pick an interest, insert the term “recycled,” and click “search” – the results will astound you!

DIY Terrarium image courtesy of TwigTerrariums.com

DIY Terrarium image courtesy of TwigTerrariums.com

4) Calling All Green Thumbs

The last category I want discuss gets to the root of the green frame of mind: growing things. For those of us who love plants but lack the space or skill to maintain a garden, there are many creative ideas for indoor plants that are aesthetically pleasing and make for amazingly thoughtful gifts. A terrarium (a miniature ecosystem for plants) is a great gift for the eco-minded. They are often the size of a dinner plate and are easy to maintain, while providing a sense of outdoors on one’s desk or mantle.

A great place to start is TwigTerrariums.com, where you’ll find some brilliant ideas (please feel free to send me one of the hanging ones)! Another great idea is an indoor hanging garden. These little gems can grow herbs, ferns, succulents, and a variety of other plants, while bringing an amazing dynamic to your home or even your office! EarthEasy.com will help kick-start your imagination.

Wall planters and succulent frames are also a great gift for the DIY crowd, and there are plenty of instructions available online.

I hope these ideas give you some fun inspiration for your green gift-giving season. Have fun and happy holidays!

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