5 Fun Staycation Ideas for Winter Break

By Brooke Drake, December 29, 2014, Events & Fun, Save Money

5 Fun Staycation Ideas for Winter BreakAs a native Texan, I spend all summer dreaming about cold weather, and then once it hits, I am ready to jet off to somewhere warm. Never happy, I tell you. However, heading off to the Caribbean at the first sign of low temperatures unfortunately isn’t in the family budget. A “staycation” comes in handy because it gives us something to do without the expensive price tag. So if you are in the same position, you’ll find 5 fun staycation ideas for your winter break below.

A few things to think about before your staycation. First, if you decide to go this route, treat it as a real vacation. Don’t spend your time cleaning and decluttering. If temptation is too strong, then clean before your vacation. Second, set all the plans up ahead of time for the staycation. That way you aren’t sitting around the house trying to put some activities together and wasting time.

Now on to the ideas!

  1. Visit a Museum. Have you been to any of the museums in your area recently (if ever)? Why not take this time to see what’s happening there? It gets the family out of the house and out of the cold. Sometimes museums will offer discounts for ticket bundles if purchasing tickets to multiple museums. Also check out savings websites like Groupon.com that will offer discounted tickets for museums at various times.
  2. Complete a Project. How many of you out there have projects you would like to start and actually finish, if you only had the time? Well, now you do! Take one project you have put on the back burner and use this time to do only that project. Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment? Bonus points if it includes the whole family!
  3. Channel Your Inner Child. Was there an activity that you loved to do as a child but haven’t found the time to do now that you’re older? From bowling, roller skating, and miniature golf to all points in between, this is the perfect time to take part in some indoor fun straight out of your childhood.
  4. Visit a Nearby State or National Park. Depending on where you live, winter may bring wonderful cooler temperatures that are perfect for exploring a park. For those in colder, snowy areas, hitting the outdoors to learn how to snowmobile or snowshoe may be the perfect staycation (especially since many parks offer low or no admission fees).
  5. Plan an Exotic Dinner with New Recipes. You may be used to cooking the same convenient and easy meals days in and days out. So on this staycation, plan a meal that involves new recipes that are unique to what you typically cook. My family’s favorite culinary options include Mexican, Italian, and Asian cuisine, but there are so many other foods you could try.

Do you have any ideas for a good staycation families can enjoy over winter break? Share them with us in the comments!

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