6 Great Shopping List Apps to Organize Your Holiday Shopping Experience

By Vernon Trollinger, December 3, 2014, Events & Fun, Save Money

6 Great Shopping List Apps to Organize Your Holiday Shopping ExperienceWe may all have ideas about who’s been naughty, or nice but when it comes to juggling lists for holiday gifts, nobody does it better than the jolly red fat man, himself. That is, unless you have the right app that works beyond Black Friday.

Luckily, there’s a bunch of gift list apps available for free that can help organize your holiday gift shopping lists and can settle annual family squabbles by coordinating shopping lists. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we’ve sifted through some of the most popular shopping gift list apps to find the 6 most useful to organize your holiday shopping experience. Unless noted, all are available via Apple’s App Store or on Google Play.

1) Get in the Clear. With this app, you can create multiple to-do lists (including Christmas lists for all your family and friends), set reminders, and sync your to-do lists to your iCloud so you can access them anywhere. Unfortunately, this one is available for Apple devices only – sorry Android users.

2) If you’ve got a big family regularly requiring a Gift Coordinator, Giftster may do the job better = and probably with less drama and less anxiety. This private wish list sharing system allows family and close friends to coordinate gift lists together and for free. You can also choose what information you don’t want to share. And it’s not just for the holidays. It can be used for birthdays, weddings, and all sort of other life events. You can sign up directly through Giftster.com or via Facebook.

3) Addwish is another wish list app that helps take the headache out of juggling gift shopping lists all year ’round. You can create custom wish lists, coordinate giving among a group, follow other people’s wishlists, and share them via e-mail, Facebook, or on addwish.com. Like the competitors above, Addwish lets you post a photo of an item to your list so others in a group will know what you’re looking for.

6 Great Shopping List Apps to Organize Your Holiday Shopping Experience4) The Christmas List by Limbua.com lets you create your shopping lists AND organize them into groups AND tracks your purchases for each person. To keep sanity in your shopping process, the app lets you set up a budget for each person and tracks the amount so you don’t go over. Plus, it keeps your gift to-do list organized so that you know which ones need to be wrapped, shipped, or that you haven’t purchased yet. You can also share your lists via email or Facebook.

5) The Christmas Gift List by Engappsmobile.com is an Android-only app that lets you create and share gift lists, archive this year’s gift lists for future review, and track budgets. But if you’ve got nosy children trying to find out what they’re getting, this app comes password protected. Plus, if you forget your password, Engappsmobile will help you get in if you get locked out.

6) Slice might be the thing you need if you buy most of your gifts online. It’s a free service that records purchase locations, organize your shopping for birthdays and other events, and tracks shipping information. It keeps you up to date and informed via e-mail. It organizes your e-receipts from the stuff you buy, plus it will help you get money back from retailers that offer price adjustments and alert you if an item has been recalled.

Whether you’re trying to budget your shopping, avoid the crowds, coordinate shopping, or just get organized, these apps are a big help. The best ones, of course, are the ones you can use year round to keep your whole life organized. But which ever app you decide to go with, be sure to have a safe, sane, and fun-filled holiday shopping experience!

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