4 Essential Cold Weather Moving Tips for a Successful Moving Day

By Brooke Drake, January 12, 2015, Moving

4 Essential Cold Weather Moving Tips for a Successful Moving DayThe winter is one of the best times to move. Since the demand is typically lower than at other times of the year, people can find deals on moving truck rentals or hiring movers. Though it is a great time in the sense of availability and price, there are some safety issues people need to be aware before moving in cold weather. So, here are 4 tips for cold weather moving to ensure you and your items make the move to your new home safely.

1) Check the Weather Forecast for Moving Day 

Moving in the cold is one thing, but moving in a snow or rain storm can be quite another. So although the moving truck may be booked, for your safety, check the weather a few days before your scheduled move day to see any potential conditions that could make your move unsuccessful.

2) Prepare for Stormy Weather

If a storm blows in on Moving Day, there there are a few things you should do according to about.com:

  1. Have a plan if you’re unable to move. Before the big day, talk with your moving company or truck rental company to see their policies on inclement weather. Also, if someone is scheduled to move into your current home, then talk with your real estate agent to see what to do if the weather becomes too inclement.
  2. Know your route. In case a storm is passing but you feel comfortable going forward, at least know the safest route to get to your new destination. Also, make note of any road closures if necessary.
  3. Make sure your vehicle is serviced and winterized. To be extra safe, include a snow shovel, emergency blanket, and emergency numbers to roadside assistance, highway patrol, and others who could help in a time of need.

4 Essential Cold Weather Moving Tips for a Successful Moving Day3) Clear Snow and/or Ice from Walkways

This should be done for both your current home and the one you’re moving into. Shovel any snow, and then add salt or sand to any slick walkways, sidewalks, or driveways to help with safety. If you are in the same city as your new residence, do the same for the new location. If you don’t live in the same area, check with your real estate agent or property manager to see what can be done.

4) Make Sure the Utilities are Turned On at the New House

If the temperatures dip down low, you can imagine how cold a house can be if left for days without the heat and lights ever turned on. Be sure to check that all utilities are turned on at your new destination before you begin the move so you arrive to a warm and well-lit home. Remember in addition to the cold weather, the days are shorter during the winter, so lights will be essential to the move. To be safe, check the water, electricity, and gas a couple of days before to ensure that there are no problems before your move. Also, schedule the utilities to be on at your current home at least through your move-out date so you have the necessary utilities needed to get all your stuff.

In short, moving during winter has a few perks over moving during the summer, but only if you take the necessary steps to ensure your Moving Day goes off without a hitch. If you have any great cold weather moving tips, please share them in the comments!

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