4 Creative Ways to Go Green in 2015

By John Rose, January 9, 2015, Green

January 1st marks the start of resolution season. For many well-intentioned folks, the vast majority of our personal commitments to betterment fade quickly, but unlike that gym membership that will sit unused, keeping your New Year’s Resolution to be environmentally friendly is critical. Finding a way forward requires a realistic plan with meaningful results, so to give you a head start, here are 4 fun ideas to help get you on the right track with going green.

4 Creative Ways to Go Green in 2015

1) Where possible, substitute local honey for sugar.

While there are many social, political, and economic issues surrounding imported sugar, let’s keep it simple – honey just tastes better. Making the switch to local honey helps support local and sustainable agriculture while keeping the spotlight on our dependence on honeybees, which are crucial pollinators in the global food chain.

2) Make the switch to digital media.

While I’m a huge fan of supporting brick and mortar stores, if you’re still buying physical media (CD’s, DVD’s, etc.), I recommend that you make the switch to digital. Not only will you have access to your media across various platforms, you’ll also cut down on your consumption and the related infrastructure while increasing the space in your living areas.

3) Finish your food!


Food waste is an enormous problem in America, with up to 40% of our food supply ending up in the dumpster (an increase of 50% over 1990). Our current system of food production comes with a heavy environmental cost, and our wasteful eating habits only exacerbate the problem. By simply finishing the food in your fridge, you can make a very real environmental impact, not to mention a huge impact on your monthly food bill.

4) Simplify your life.

The vast majority of our environmental problems come from our ever-increasing rate of consumption. Too many folks expect that the more we have, the happier we will be, but time and time again, life shows us that it’s the simple things that make us smile. By cutting back on your consumption and simplifying your life, you’ll not only help to reduce your impact on the extraction/disposal cycle, you’ll also find there’s much more to life than buying the latest gizmo (a lesson I am personally working hard to master).

Over time, the eco-friendly among us have developed a standard “green toolkit” for being environmentally proactive. This includes obvious steps like recycling, taking public transportation, switching out incandescent light bulbs for more efficient options, and adjusting the thermostat. Thankfully, showing a little love to Mother Earth doesn’t have to end there. Take a moment to look around at what you do and how you do it, and you’ll see a variety of new and innovative ways to make a real impact.

If you have some fun and unconventional ways of going green, please share them below!

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