4 Quirky Upcycling Ideas for Creative Re-Gifting

By Brooke Drake, January 14, 2015, Events & Fun, Green

4 Quirky Upcycling Ideas for Creative Re-Gifting

The amount of “stuff” you accumulate over the years from birthdays, the holidays, and other gift-giving events can lead to an insane amount of waste. These unused/unwanted items get shoved into the dark depths of your closet or stashed in some miscellaneous drawer. Instead of continuing to waste space with those various items (or throwing them into a landfill), why not put them to a better use? All you need is a little creativity that injects new life into unused gifts so you’ll have fun presents to give to others. Here are 4 quirky yet cool ideas for creative re-gifting items around the house.

4 Quirky Upcycling Ideas for Creative Re-Gifting

Colorful Shoe Box Art image courtesy of Brit.co.

1) Colorful Wall Shelves

Turn those old shoe boxes you keep at the top of your closet into colorful wall shelves. You just need are a few shoe boxes, some bright colored paint, and a few other supplies to develop brightly colored shelving to display your tchotchkes or knickknacks.

4 Quirky Upcycling Ideas for Creative Re-Gifting

Recycled Yoga Mat Bulletin Board image courtesy of Brit.co.

2) Bulletin Board

Not as into yoga as you used to be? If so, turn the mat into a bulletin board (just be sure to sanitize it first)! Cut out a size you’d like and give it to someone as a quirky gift by adding decoration like a border and pin a few pictures of you two together. Not only is it personal, it also explains what the gift is.

3) Jewelry Holder

Transform that unused cheese grater you received ten years ago into a jewelry holder. With a few cans of spray paint, a clean cheese grater (emphasis on clean!), and about 5 minutes, you’ll have a super chic gift. If you have another one lying around, then you can even make one for yourself!

4 Quirky Upcycling Ideas for Creative Re-Gifting

Wine Bottle Bar Set image courtesy of Brit.co.

4) Bar Set

This is a perfect gift for a wedding shower. Someone may have given you a bottle or two of wine or liquor as a gift. Well, you can take the leftover bottles and reuse them to make a nifty bar set. To make the set complete, you can add a tray and an ice bucket, so check around the house for those items before purchasing. Paint the ice bucket and tray a color you think the gift recipient would like, and then use painter’s tape and a second color to add some decoration.

Whew! Being crafty and creative is harder work than I thought. Hopefully, some of you are more dedicated and talented DIY-types than I am. If so, please share your results of these projects and any other ideas you have with us in the comments.

Happy re-gifting!

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