Your Summer Accessory: Six Stylish Reusable Non-Plastic Water Bottles

By Ebony Porter, May 28, 2015, Green, Save Money

Have you ever taken a walk along a water way after a heavy rain? More times than not, the dominant source of residual trash left over from a deluge is plastic water bottles pushed downstream. It’s estimated that some billions of plastic water bottles don’t get recycled each year.

Your Summer Accessory: Six Stylish Reusable Non-Plastic Water Bottles | Bounce Energy Blog

Just because YOU recycle your plastic water bottles does NOT mean everyone else does.

Not only is buying packs of plastic water bottles bad for the environment, research has found that the plastics used to manufacture disposable water bottles are packed full of chemicals that leach into the water, disrupting our hormones with the potential to cause health problems. Even bottles labeled BPA free have been found to release estrogen-mimicking chemicals when exposed to UV rays, like at the beach or on a sports field.

Your Summer Accessory: Six Stylish Reusable Non-Plastic Water Bottles | Bounce Energy Blog

Opt for a stylish non-plastic water bottle.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your contribution to our landfills, save money, and most importantly, protect your health, is to start carrying a safe, reusable water bottle. Designers have come up with water bottles full of swag and style, too! Here are our six, stylish, and environmentally friendly water bottles to pick up this summer, all of which are free from plastic.

1. Liberty Bottles

Built from incredibly strong recycled aluminum in Union Gap, WA by American workers, Liberty Bottles is committed to the American Dream! From their gorgeous made to order Artist Collection with bottles wrapped in graphic design, to their Transit Collection that features maps of Chicago, Austin and Boston (so you don’t get lost), you choose the size and cap for your canteen. The finish on the bottle is baked on with a BPA free, flexible food-grade coating for your safety.

2. bkr Water Bottles

If style is of uber importance to you, and you don’t want a reusable bottle that looks like you’re ready to go camping, then the bkr Water Bottle is for you. Made from glass and covered in a silicone sleeve that is easy to wash, the bkr bottle is BPA-free, phthalate-free, contains a small opening for no-spill sipping, and is dishwasher safe. The line of bkr water bottles are released as limited edition seasonal collections inspired by runway trends in New York, London, Paris and Milan.

3. Lifefactory Glass Reusable Water Bottle

What is more pure than drinking water out of actual glass? The Lifefactory reusable glass water bottle is covered with a non-slip silicone sleeve to protect your bottle from breakage and giving you a firm solid grip.  It’s made with no phthalates, PVC, or polycarbonates, yet designed with plenty of style.

4. Klean Kanteen

Made from food grade stainless steel, the Klean Kanteen bottle is non-leaching and toxin-free. It doesn’t have a chemical lining like other metal bottles and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes along with large screw tops that allow for large ice-cubes! It’s also extremely durable and can handle rugged outdoor use.

5. Takeya Classic Glass Reusable Water Bottle

Want to drink water on the go in style? Turn to the Takeya! It holds a full 22oz of liquid and comes in a variety of bold colors with either a twist cap, or a flip cap. The high quality glass chamber is wrapped in a silicone sleeve for protection. The sleeve also provides a peek-a-boo window so you can see how much water is left. Dishwasher safe, this bottle has zero toxic leaching that plastic can potentially cause.

6. Ello Water Bottles

The Ello is a glass water bottle that comes with a leak-proof twist off lid and a convenient handle to carry easily on the go. The glass is annealed, a process that strengthens internal stresses of the glass to toughen it. Covered in silicone for protection, the sleeve features a triple-thick boot at the base to provide extra impact when you sit your bottle down. The opening is large enough for ice, too!

Save your cash, save the planet, and stay hydrated this summer!

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