Three Ways to Make Your Move a Little Greener

By John Rose, June 12, 2015, Moving

Let’s face it: moving stinks. You’ve accumulated all this stuff, shoved into every corner of your living space, and now you need to collect and transport it to a new home. And not only is it stressful and messy, it’s also a wasteful process that’s not environmentally friendly.

Thankfully, making this ecologically hazardous process into a green one requires only a handful of tweaks help you make peace with Mother Earth.

Three Ways to Make Your Move a Little Greener

1) Borrow Those Boxes!

According to Allstate, the average move uses over 60 boxes, the equivalent of one half-ton tree. And sadly, boxes are 100% unavoidable when moving your house. Trust me… I’ve tried just shoving things randomly in the back of the car and it never ends well. And while it’s very tempting to pop down to your local store and purchase all the new beautiful boxes you need en masse, you should really get used ones from your friends and neighbors.

It’s simple: legions of movers before you already bought new boxes, and when in their new quarters, they’re at a loss with what to do with all that cardboard. It’s your job to take those boxes off their hands! Scour local boards on places like Facebook and Craigslist for people getting rid of their moving boxes. Not only will you probably get them for free, you can post a wanted ad when you’re done to pass along the financial and environmental savings!

2) Alternative Packing Materials

Obtaining your boxes isn’t the end of the packaging woes. Bubble wrap is a quintessential moving accessory (and it’s also easy to succumb to the occasional pop or seventy). There are a few ways to green your packing bubble, starting with biodegradable replacements. These products degrade in the environment very quickly, leaving a much smaller footprint. Earth-friendly bubble wraps alternatives include Green Bubble from and the rice-based packing peanuts at

Of course, the ultimate in green here is to use what you already have – wrap delicate items in your towels and clothes and nothing goes to waste at all.

3) Green Your Clean

Once everything is packed up, it is common courtesy to clean your old place for the newcomers. Invest in some environmentally friendly cleaning products, which will also earn their keep in your new digs too.

Green cleaners are gaining popularity and can be found at most supermarkets. Check out product reviews at Environmental Working Group to learn just how green certain products are to help you make the right choice.

Finally, make sure to leave a toilet roll for the new residents. There’s nothing worse than an empty roll in your moment of need.

Happy Green Moving!

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