Green Urban Efforts Series Part 2 – Dallas, TX

By John Rose, July 31, 2015, Green

Green Urban Efforts Series Part 2 - Dallas, TXWelcome to our Green Urban Efforts Series! With each installment, we’ll showcase how major cities in our service area can help you go green. If you live in or near these locales, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities provided. And if you live outside these areas, we recommend you bringing these ideas to your local government. It’s easy to make a difference in our world when we all do our part!

Dallas is known as the Big D, but with so many environmentally oriented civic groups, events, businesses, and public projects, we really could call it the Big Green. Like most cities, Dallas didn’t start out with an eye on preserving Mother Nature, but over the years, this glittering urban center and its residents have grown to embrace a kinder way of working with the environment.

Rather than penning a comprehensive list of what makes Dallas a growing green influence, I’d like to start you on your own journey of exploration by sharing a few interesting highlights from my research.

My first pick has to be the most innovative bit of green news from this region in some time. Omni Hotels and the American Honey Bee Protection Agency installed a honey bee box on the rooftop of the hotel and will soon be placing hundreds of potted plants alongside our busy buzzing friends in order to not only provide food for the Omni’s restaurant, but also for the bees. The Omni has a well-established love for honey and respect for bees – in fact, 5 of their hotels have active beekeeping operations.

The new tenants of the Omni are all bees that have been relocated from homes and businesses that considered them unwelcome additions, so this is a win-win for everyone! To make this honeybee story just that much sweeter, the American Honey Bee Protection Agency recently relocated some rescued honey bees to the rooftop of a Dallas Central Market.

Green Urban Efforts Series Part 2 - Dallas, TXSome Dallas residents are buzzing about their habitat prospects as well, and the idea is green by its very nature. Dallas Cohousing is a still-forming group moving toward a very green and inspiring living arrangement. Like other co-housing communities, this future living space will be a home where individuals enjoy the privacy of their own rooms, but share a communal living space including kitchen and clubhouse. Co-housing is a green dream, as it brings about a community atmosphere while being minimalist in nature and reducing each individual’s carbon footprint. I’m looking forward to hearing about their successful launch very soon!

Texas can become a national leader in clean energy and conservation, and one local educational institution is on path to empower Texans toward that future. The Dallas County Community College District engages green living on two fronts. First, they offer practical Green/Energy degrees and certificates focusing on green energy, green building techniques, and technology. Second, DCCCD has a Sustainability Team focused on transformative change toward sustainability at each campus. Comprised of passionate employees, the Sustainability Team hosts a Sustainability Summit each year that is free to the community and is an outstanding educational experience!

But since inspiring an eco-mindset should begin before one’s college years and the Dallas Academy is up to the task of shaping future of green professionals in Texas. Along with their already amazing academic mission, the school installed solar panels on every compatible section of their roof last year. This provided immediate environmental benefits, but also a first-hand educational experience to its students. Green principles are wonderful to have, but the Dallas Academy is showing that actions speak louder than words!

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