Green Urban Efforts Series Part 1 – Houston, TX

By John Rose, July 24, 2015, Green

Green Urban Efforts Series Part 1 - Houston, TXWelcome to our Green Urban Efforts Series! With each installment, we’ll showcase how major cities in our service area can help you go green. If you live in or near these locales, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities provided. And if you live outside these areas, we recommend you bringing these ideas to your local government. It’s easy to make a difference in our world when we all do our part!

Houston is a bustling metropolis with all of the fun of a first-class city, but underneath the urban veneer lies a city teeming with green initiatives! Here are just a few of the fantastic green initiatives happening around the city:

HAUS Project

The Houston Access to Urban Sustainability (HAUS) Project is a dream come true for those of us who love the idea of communal living. Each HAUS site is a converted house where several individuals who live a cooperative lifestyle. While each resident has his/her own room, everyone shares communal spaces and dinners, all while working to maintain the residence.

In addition to the environmental benefits of communal living, each house has been retrofitted with an impressive array of green solutions. The HAUS Project truly is a green dream located in a sea of urban sprawl. When you visit their website, make sure you take a few minutes to read through their sustainability page.

Green Urban Efforts Series Part 1 - Houston, TXHouston Tomorrow

While not specifically identified as green, Houston Tomorrow is a research and education institute that by its very mission has green written all over it. At its core, Houston Tomorrow is dedicated to promoting a vibrant and healthy city and population, leaning toward sustainable solutions and the creation of an atmosphere that promotes the general well being of the citizens of Houston.

A greener, healthier Houston isn’t simply a goal – it’s a call to action – and I would encourage all of our readers to get involved with Houston Tomorrow.

Hermann Park Conservancy

Urban green spaces are essential for residents seeking to reconnect with nature in a hectic urban atmosphere. Hermann Park has been a green oasis for Houstonians for more than a century, but over the years, this destination had experienced a sharp decline until the formation of the Hermann Park Conservancy in 1992. This organization has raised millions of dollars in an ongoing effort to renovate and reforest this much-needed green space.

City of Houston

The City of Houston has its own green initiatives, and they are worthy of mention. From brownfield restoration and rain barrel programs, to the City Hall Farmers Market, the City of Houston is rolling up its sleeves to get its green on. Visit their website to learn more about what the city is doing, and what it can do for you!

Houston is a large and impressive city, and when it comes to green urban efforts, Houston has a lot to offer! Do you know of other green initiatives in Houston? Let us know in the comments section!

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