LED Lighting Series Part III: Lighting Up Your Kitchen

By Ebony Porter, July 21, 2015, Energy Efficiency, Green

LED Lighting Series Part III: Lighting Up Your KitchenIn Part I of our LED Lighting Series, we established LED lighting as the light of the future. With Part II, we discussed the best ways to light up the outdoors with LED lights. And here in Part III, we’ll focus on the room in your house where all your meal preparation and entertaining takes place – the kitchen!

Chances are you might already have LED lighting in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at how the lighting of the future can beautifully light up your culinary space and save energy simultaneously.

Appliance Lighting

Most new refrigerators and freezers come readily installed with LED light bulbs. If your refrigerator is old, you can replace those old bulbs easily. LED bulbs don’t heat up like older bulbs, and they emit a clear cool light that vibrantly illuminates your food as opposed to the warm light of yesteryear.

The older incandescent  bulbs also emit warmth, which bacteria love – not ideal for the place where we store our food. LED bulbs last much longer than their older counterparts. And there’s a good chance your refrigerator will break down before your bulb burns out – the longevity of an LED bulb is that good.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is popular these days and for good reason. It has become more affordable, and as a result, it’s more accessible for folks working within a budget. It looks great, as the light adds a fresh visual dimension to a part of the kitchen that is normally dark. It also adds value to your home, and it lights up your counter tops using less electricity than you would with the overhead light on.

A vast majority of under-cabinet lighting uses LED bulbs, ensuring your counter tops stay lit for a very long time. There are options for warmer LED bulbs or cooler bulbs, depending on your preference. You can add even more energy efficiency to your kitchen lighting by installing a dimmer. At the end of the night, leave your under-cabinets on low for a great night light without burning into your electricity bill.

Overhead Lighting

Lastly, consider upgrading your overhead lighting with LED bulbs. Recessed lighting is popular in kitchen upgrades, so if you’re ready to install some, make sure you choose a fixture that is compatible with LED bulbs.  If your standard overhead lighting is a simple fan and 3-4 bulb fixture, bulbs are available for that, too. LED manufacturers have developed light qualities ranging from cool to warm, so whatever your preference is, the market has it.

Stay tuned for our next installment on LED Lighting, as we venture into your dining and living room!

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