LED Lighting Series Part IV: LED Lighting for Your Dining and Living Room

By Ebony Porter, August 5, 2015, Energy Efficiency, Green

LED Lighting Series Part IV: LED Lighting for Your Dining and Living RoomBounce Energy’s LED Lighting Series has covered the basics of the “light of the future.” We’ve also addressed how you can incorporate LED lighting into your outdoor living space and your kitchen. With our fourth installment, we turn our focus onto lighting up rooms where we spend a majority of our time and make a ton of memories: our dining rooms and living rooms.

While the average LED light bulb is more costly to purchase than the common incandescent bulb, the investment is firm in the long run. LED uses less electricity to run, and the bulbs don’t burn out nearly as quickly. Upgrade now! You will save later.

Canned Lighting

Many dining rooms and living rooms in modern homes have been outfitted with 6-inch recessed can lights. These typically use a 90W incandescent lamp, but can easily be changed over to an LED retro-fit module. By making this change, you reduce the wattage by 60-70%, all while maintaining good light levels. This also helps reduce heat emitted from the fixtures, which lowers the need for extra cooling.

The retro-fit modules come in a variety of styles and colors, providing a fresh look for older fixtures.

Lamp Lighting

With millions of lamps on the market from which to choose, your floor lamps or table top lamps individualize the décor of your dining and living rooms. All lamps with a medium-base standard socket could be changed to LED by using a basic screw base A19 LED bulb. This again assists in reducing heat loss and energy uisage. Consider adding a floor lamp into your living room, as their sculptural presence can add a dramatic, sophisticated look.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces add elegance to a space and project light differently than a lamp or overhead lighting. Consider installing wall sconces in a prime position above a buffet in your dining room, or perhaps above a couch in your living room. With a similar socket size as most lamps, you can also change the bulbs out for LED bulbs.

LED Lighting Series Part IV: LED Lighting for Your Dining and Living RoomInstall Dimmers

Dinner tastes better under the romantic watch of candlelight, but maybe its overkill to light candles every night. Consider installing dimming switches, rather than standard on/off type switches, and lower your light levels during dinner. Dimmers are also excellent in the living room while watching a movie. Not only does a dimmer reduce power consumption, you will extend the life of the LED or current incandescent lamps, if you’ve yet to upgrade.

Stay tuned for our final installment of our LED Lighting Series, as we’ll turn to the streets to how LED lights are changing the face of our cities!


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