Reduce Your Energy Usage Today to Help the Texas Electricity Grid

By Adam P. Newton, August 10, 2015, Energy Efficiency, Save Money

Reduce Your Energy Usage Today to Help the Texas Electricity Grid Summers in Texas can get pretty unbearable, so we all enjoy blasting cold air to combat the heat and humidity bearing down upon us. But when too many of us use more energy than is available on the Texas energy grid, things can get ugly in a hurry.

In order to stave off this unfortunate scenario caused by today’s Heat Advisory announced by, Bounce Energy is calling a Peak Event for today. In order to make sure the energy grid that takes care of most Texans’ electricity needs isn’t affected, we’re asking everyone to use less electricity between the hours of 3pm and 7pm.

Now, I can hear your cries of disbelief: “They want me to use LESS energy when it’s over 100 degrees outside? This is a joke, right?”

Unfortunately, no – we all need to do our part to help ensure stability in the Texas energy grid. And if you’re enrolled in our Bounce Back Energy Savings program, this is your time to shine so you earn that 5% bill credit for lowering your usage by at 10% off your baseline average.

Thankfully, helping out is a bit easier than you might think:

  • Raise your thermostat by just a few degrees. We recommend 78 degrees.
  • Don’t use any big appliances. As in, don’t run your dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and other such devices.
  • Turn on a fan or two in the parts of the house people congregate. Just get the air circulating around the room a bit.
  • Pull the blinds and/or drapes to cover the windows that let in the most sunlight. I mean, we are trying to keep heat out of the house during the hottest part of the day.
  • Unplug stuff you aren’t using right now. This applies to small appliances, game systems, chargers, and stuff like that. Even turned off, those devices draw ambient power.

Want a bit more incentive to use less energy even when it’s extra hot outside? Research from declares that, for each degree you raise your thermostat in your home, you could shave an additional 1% off your energy bill. And we all want help with lowering our that electricity bill each month, right?

Reduce Your Energy Usage to Help the Texas Electricity Grid Want to lower your bill event more? Head over to to learn more about this program and to sign up!

Whew! That was pretty easy, right? We thought so too. Besides, 78 degrees really isn’t that high of a temperature – you’re just used to living on Hoth with that cranked-down air conditioner. And just think: by using a bit less electricity today, you might have lowered your energy bill a little.

Thanks for helping us and Texas today with these energy saving steps.

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