Green Urban Efforts Series Part 6 – New York City, NY

By John Rose, September 11, 2015, Green

Green Urban Efforts Series Part 6 - New York City, NYWelcome to our Green Urban Efforts Series! With each installment, we’ll showcase how major cities in our service area can help you go green. If you live in or near these locales, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities provided. And if you live outside these areas, we recommend you bringing these ideas to your local government. It’s easy to make a difference in our world when we all do our part!

New York City is impossible to sum up. I have been to many large cities in my life, yet New York still manages to surprise me every time I go. No matter what you are looking for in life, chances are good you’ll find exactly what you’re after somewhere in the Big Apple, and green living is certainly on the list.

My first pick is an urban gardening group called Green Guerillas. They are the oldest community gardening organization in the city and have helped more than 600 gardens take root, making them a strong force in the community. Their philosophy involves using gardening to as a tool to help unify the community and to reclaim urban land. This is an all-around outstanding organization!

Next up is one that strikes at the science lover in me: MillionTreesNYC. Sn initiative of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability PlaNYC Program (which is very impressive on its own terms), MillionTrees NYC has the ambitious goal of planting over 1 million new trees in the city. Where this program strikes my nerd fancy is the inclusion of a research element focused on the benefits of urban forestry. It’s a positive feedback loop with wide-ranging potential for cities worldwide seeking to integrate nature back into the urban environment.

Green Urban Efforts Series Part 6 - New York City, NYFrom gardens and trees, to the buildings themselves, NYC truly takes green from the ground up! Urban Green Council is an organization devoted to creating a more sustainable New York City skyline by endorsing more sustainable building practices and materials and education, influencing code and local laws, and promoting positive practices throughout the local building industry. From energy usage and building materials, to the impact on their local ecosystem, New York City’s famed structures present an amazing opportunity to affect real environmental change throughout the city.

With a city as large and dynamic as the Big Apple, this is by no means all the metropolis has to offer when it comes to green programs. What I hope to illustrate is that this city has the resources and initiative to effect a more organic and holistic than many cities in the United States. Rather than enacting a series of green makeovers, New York City is working to change from the inside out, and I’m excited to see what they will do next!

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