Refer Your Friends to Bounce Energy This September for a Special $75 Bill Credit

By Adam P. Newton, September 3, 2015, Events & Fun, Save Money

Refer Your Friends to Bounce Energy This September for a Special $75 Bill CreditHere at Bounce Energy, we’re kinda proud about what we’ve created as a Texas electricity company. “How proud?” you might ask. Proud enough to pay you for bringing us new customers!!

Normally, our great Refer-a-Friend program involves a $50 bill credit for both parties. But, this September 2015, we’ve upped the ante to a whopping $75! That’s right: for this entire month, you’ll receive a $75 bill credit for each and every friend you help become a Bounce Energy customer. And each of those friends will receive the same $75 bill credit. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

What’s more – we’ve made it extra simple for you to tell people about Bounce Energy:

  • Log in to your Bounce Energy MyAccount to get your unique Refer-A-Friend code.
    [Hint: it’s on the right-hand side of the screen when you log in.]
  • Copy and paste your web link and/or code and distribute however you would like.
  • Use our email template to send a message with your link and code to multiple friends at once – or create your own.
  • Post a message to your Facebook wall and let all your friends know about our program.
  • Post your link and/or code to your Twitter followers.
  • Have each friend include your code in the online order form when they sign up.

Refer Your Friends to Bounce Energy This September for a Special $75 Bill CreditBut why are we so willing to give money away to encourage people to switch to Bounce Energy for their Texas electricity needs? Easy – because we know that, once you switch to us, you’ll enjoy your experience so much that you’ll want to talk to your friends and family about us.

And if you need more incentive than that $75 bill credit to convince people to switch to us, we’re happy to help:

  • Thanks to MyAccount, our industry-leading customer portal, you can monitor your energy usage, learn about excellent products, and services, and take care of your account information on your terms.
  • Enjoy our wide range of plans designed to meet any preference or lifestyle, including the game-changing Build Your Own Plan.
  • Earn rewards every 6 months simply by paying your bill on time each month – and you get to choose the reward you like best!
  • Connect with our great social media communities for customer service assistance, tips on becoming a smarter energy consumer, and more.

What are you waiting for? Start referring your friends to Bounce Energy, and watch those $75 bill credits start rolling in and see your bills start dropping!

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