Illuminate Your Little One’s Room with 3 Great Night Light Recommendations

By John Rose, October 21, 2015, Events & Fun

Whether your child is afraid of the dark or you’re afraid of tripping over toys when you look in on your kid in the middle of the night, a good night light is a necessity. We’ve collected three fantastic night lights to help you light up your little one’s room with class and style!

Illuminate Your Little One's Room with 3 Great Night Light Recommendations

Because it’s important to protect your kid ifshe’s afraid of the dark…

But as the father of a very particular three-year-old, I want to issue new parents a friendly warning. Toddlers, in general, have no attention span. What they love in one moment, they love with a passion unrivaled by any other mammal at any other age, but once they are over it, they are OVER it.

I say this to warn you against purchasing a character-based nightlight. It is tempting when all you have watched is Mickey Mouse for 5 days straight (I am currently living this nightmare) to believe that a Mickey light is all your darling child will want for the next few years. However, he or she may discard that affection for Daniel Tiger, Sophia the Princess, or any number of other characters (I won’t list more for fear of scaring you off) faster than you might expect. It is for this reason these recommendations are more generalized and based on their features, great reviews, or personal experiences.

1) Cloudb

The devices made by this celebrated company have become staples on many baby registries. They focus on enhancing sleep for both baby and parents through a range of sensory products covering sight, sound, and touch. Their classic product is the Twilight Turtle – this little gem projects actual constellations onto the ceiling in a variety of colors, making the room a lot less scary for those afraid of the dark.

They are also on a timer that turns off the lights after 45 minutes, which is when deepest sleep is usually reached. Pediatricians recommend complete dark during this time for the most restful slumber for all. The Twilight Turtle has won numerous awards and now their range has expanded to include ladybugs, UFOs, and even chameleons, ensuring that you can pick one your child is sure to love.

The Turtle is well loved in this household. My little boy loves to carry him around even during the day, because he is cordless (the batteries last a long time) and soft, he is fascinated by the stars as they are projected. All in all, it is definitely a popular item for good reason.

2) KinderGlo

I’m a fan of all this excellent product offers. The KinderGlo delivers some of the great features also found in the cloudb, such as portability and the availability of multiple shapes (dinosaur anyone?) so you can choose which one works best for you (or fits the nursery décor).

The difference? The batteries are rechargeable, which is a huge boon and green to boot. While the batteries in the Cloudb Twilight Turtle last a while, I can guarantee that, on the day they run out, it is bedtime, and we never have any spares on-hand.

The KinderGlo is very kid-friendly, complete with a variety of different colored lights, complete with an option for leaving the light on continuously or to go out after 30 minutes. The latter setting is great for small kids in cribs who sleep through most of the night, while the former setting is ideal for the slightly older child making trips to the bathroom with a bit of light.

3) The Boon Glo

I saved the best for last! The Boon Glo is hands-down one of the best pieces of baby gear to ever enter my household. Firstly, it looks fantastic even during the day. It has three “glo” balls that can be illuminated to reflect almost any color of the rainbow you desire, even changing colors with time. All the family will love watching this light during the day.

At night, each of the balls (which stay cool to the touch at all times) are removable and, even better, they GLOW in the dark. A child can take one of these glowing orbs to bed, place it right next to them as reassurance as they fall asleep. The glow fades gradually over 30 minutes so the room stays dark during deep sleep.

We are fortunate enough to have a child that is not too scared of the dark, but we use this light every single day. It is a source of constant fascination even in a world of two-minute attention spans.

What night lights have been successful for your kids and their sleep? Share your recommendations and suggestions below!

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