Cooking with Less Kilowatts: Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

By Stacie Morgan, October 29, 2015, Recipes

Welcome to Cooking with Less Kilowatts! There is nothing better than sitting down in the evening to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal. But did you know that changing what you do in the kitchen can make an impact on your monthly electricity bill? Each week, I will help you find ways to cook using less energy while still getting a satisfying, flavorful meal. Trust me – I won’t just tell you to do everything in the microwave. I’ll help you cut down on your energy consumption.

Cooking with Less Kilowatts: Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

It’s cake! It’s candy! It’s Halloween in a mug!

This week’s low energy use recipe is a quick and easy “mug cake!” As in, it’s literally prepared in the microwave in less than one minute using a mug, and it’s is the perfect recipe to help your family re-purpose any leftover Halloween candy from this weekend’s trick or treating.

This might be the first time in our Cooking with Less Kilowatts series that I actually suggest to do everything in the microwave, but trust me, this recipe is so delicious you will feel like you just spent an hour baking a cake from scratch.

I have made many mug cakes in my time, including experiments with different ingredients and ratios to find a perfect texture, and this one is hands down my favorite. It’s the perfect recipe to pair with any leftover candy from your trick or treating, and it only takes a minute to prepare in the microwave!

Cooking with Less Kilowatts: Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

C’mon – You know you have lots of candy leftover from Halloween. Why not do something interesting with it?

These cakes are moist, not too dense, but not too light like a sponge cake. The melted butter and sour cream are key ingredients for developing flavor and texture in these cakes. My three favorite leftover Halloween candies to use and candy-coated chocolate pieces, peanut butter cups, and straight-up chocolate bars.

I usually have a main whisking bowl and spoon the batter over so I can really whisk it all together. You can make the mug cakes even easier by whisking the batter right in the cup you’re using for baking (instead of mixing in a separate bowl). It is hard to get an even consistency mixing with a fork inside the mug, but many mug recipes recommend this method to save one more bowl to wash. Either way, these will be a hit!

Let’s get cooking!

Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

Ingredients for each individual mug cake:

  • 4 tbsp. Yellow cake mix from box
  • 1 tbsp. Milk (2%)
  • 1 tbsp. Sour cream
  • ½ tbsp. Butter, melted
  • Handful your preferred chocolate Halloween candy
  • Scoop of your preferred ice cream
  • Extra candy for topping


Cooking with Less Kilowatts: Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

It’s your basic cake: butter, milk, cake mix, and some sour cream. Get to mixing!

1)    Add ½ tablespoon butter to a mixing bowl.

2)    Microwave butter for 10 seconds to melt.

3)    Whisk 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of sour cream with the melted butter.

4)    Add in 4 tablespoons of the yellow cake mix and whisk all together.

Cooking with Less Kilowatts: Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

The calm before the storm.

5)    Scoop prepared batter into small coffee cups or an individual sized ramekin with a spatula. Mix in or sprinkle on top a small handful of any leftover chocolate type Halloween candy pieces.

6)    Microwave for 50 seconds on high (add extra 5 seconds if using a lower-power microwave).

Cooking with Less Kilowatts: Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

Yummy! Time to start eating!

7)    Top with a flavor of ice cream that pairs with the chosen candy and sprinkle a few extra candy pieces on top to finish.

Get creative with your ice cream and candy filling combinations. Pair mint chocolate chip ice cream with leftover peppermint patties for chocolate mint mug cakes. Add a few chopped pecans with chocolate toffee candies in the mug cake and top it with butter pecan ice cream.  The options are endless!

Cooking with Less Kilowatts: Leftover Halloween Candy Mug Cakes

Look at this. It’s a cake made with candy and topped with ice cream IN A MUG!

Enjoy these ridiculously quick and easy-to-make mug cakes filled with your extra Halloween candy.

I will see you next week for another Cooking with Less Kilowatts recipe to help reduce your energy use!

Recipe and Images by Stacie Morgan

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