3 Creative and Green Ideas for the Gift Wrapping Impaired

By John Rose, December 14, 2015, Events & Fun, Green

When I give a gift, it’s unmistakable who it is from. I’m not patting myself on the back for my gift-giving prowess; rather, I’m acknowledging my unbelievably poor gift-wrapping skills and lack of imagination. In fact, I have resigned myself of late to saving gift bags for reuse – even a wrinkled gift bag from the depths of my closet is a noticeable improvement over my ability to butcher the application of paper and tape to a box.

3 Creative and Green Ideas for the Gift Wrapping Impaired

Because not all of us are as handy with tape, scissors, and wrapping paper as this talented person.

But with the gift-giving season quickly approaching, I wanted to come up with a few new ways to redeem myself as a gift-wrapper. Let’s explore a few ideas that may salvage our pride and not scare away the folks receiving our gifts – including a bit of green inspiration!

1) Balsa Wood Boxes

If you consider yourself to be handy with building, as I do, or are experienced with crafting, you may want to consider building simple balsa wood boxes for your more personal gifts. A simple online search for “balsa wood boxes plans” reveals many options, but a simple double-walled design with a recessed lid is quick and easy, requiring only a minimal amount of tools and some wood glue. You can even do a photo transfer or a painted stencil on the lid to increase the decorative effect.

If you’re not so handy, don’t worry, you can buy them from local artisans or online. Not only will your gift recipients be impressed by your inspiration, they will also have a nice tabletop box they can use for years to come.

2) Used Books

3 Creative and Green Ideas for the Gift Wrapping Impaired

Dude – We said buy used books to use the pages as wrapping paper, not let them float into the air. You’re just littering.

Another creative idea that lends itself to personalization is using pages from used books as gift-wrapping paper. If you have a used bookstore nearby, search the titles – especially in clearance area! – for books relevant to your recipients.  Cut out some relevant pages and carefully arrange, tape, and fold them around the gift in such a way as to allow each individual to unwrap a few meaningful or entertaining passages along with their gift. Consider using decorative twine to keep the wrapping in place, as using tape could result in pages tearing while opened the gift.

3) Seed Paper

If you or the recipient of your gift loves gardening and/or the environment, wrap your gift in seed paper! Seed paper is biodegradable and has plant seeds embedded into each sheet, so it’s both environmentally conscious and a wrapping paper that will bring smiles during the growing season (instead of going to the landfill). And if the recipient doesn’t plant the seed paper, he or she can pass it along to somebody who will.

For added creativity, put together a small gift kit comprised of an attractive planter, a hand shovel, and some potting mix, and wrap it in decorative seed paper for planting in the springtime!

3 Creative and Green Ideas for the Gift Wrapping Impaired

Besides, no one wants to feel as frustrated by gift wrapping as this lady looks.

A world of possibilities exists for the gift-wrapping impaired! Let us help you turn your inability to neatly fold and tape wafer thin sheets of crackling frustration paper into the chance to look like a gift-giving pro! If you have any cool ideas post them in the comments section, as I’m always open to some additional inspiration during the holiday season.

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