Decorate Outside the Box with 5 Unconventional Holiday Wreathes

By Brooke Drake, December 16, 2015, Events & Fun

I’m regularly in awe of crafty people. They can turn yesterday’s trash into something quite treasured. And through avenues like Pinterest and YouTube, they help us less crafty folks learn how to create brag-worthy items, too.

Since the holidays are a perfect time to embrace your inner “upcycler,” we want to share our 5 favorite unconventional wreathes for the holidays, and they’re perfect for beginner and experienced “crafters.”

Decorate Outside the Box with 5 Unconventional Holiday Wreathes

Nothing wrong with the classics, but let’s step outside the box this year.

A word of advice before we begin: while common materials in holiday décor might be red berries, pine branches, and pine cones, I want to infuse your décor with a few items outside of the box. While I love those traditional items together, they are festive only as long as they’re in moderation. I’m going to show you how to diversify your décor with these unconventional wreaths for the holidays.

1) Newspaper / Book Pages

Newspaper is a cool item to use for a wreath, and most people may have some lying around the house, which makes it an easy item to use. Your level of craftiness will determine the design of your newspaper wreath. You can start simple by rolling up small pieces of newspaper into “cones” and stapling them in a circular pattern. Or you can go big and create a wreath made out of faux newspaper roses. The option is yours! This same idea applies to people wanting to purchase some used books, disassembling them, and using the pages.

2) Coffee Filters

When I first saw an example of this holiday wreath, I thought it was delicate and beautiful – but I had absolutely no idea it was made from coffee filters! Now for those who aren’t familiar with coffee filters, there are regular bleached filters that are white and unbleached coffee filters that are brown. I recommend incorporating both white bleached filters and unbleached brown filters into your wreath for some nice color variation. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can dye the white coffee filters any color you’d like to make a more colorful statement!

3) Candy

Decorate Outside the Box with 5 Unconventional Holiday Wreathes

Hooray for candy!

A candy wreath can be a great gift to give as well as to keep for your home. I have seen gum drops, red and white mints, candy canes, and marshmallows used to create candy wreaths. The major decision that will dictate which item you use is whether you would like to eat it or not. For an edible wreath, use soft candy like gum drops that can be attached with something non-toxic like a toothpick rather than using glue.

4) Crayons

This could be a fun and festive wreath for kids or for those who are kids at heart. Start with a few boxes of new, unbroken crayons and then choose either two wooden loops (one large and one small) or a wire loop to create the shape of the wreath. Hot-glue the crayons onto your wreath in whatever order you choose, add a ribbon to hang the wreath, and you have yourself a colorful and festive wreath.

5) Holiday Cards

Decorate Outside the Box with 5 Unconventional Holiday Wreathes

“Look at this one, Frank! Good colors and fun image – it’ll be perfect for my wreath!”

If you receive tons of holiday cards, but don’t have a great place to put them, then creating a holiday card wreath may be just the idea for you. Glue some mini wooden clothespins along a wooden loop alternating which way they point out. Then just clip the cards around the loop to create your own holiday card wreath.

These are just a few ideas for unconventional holiday wreathes. With just a little creativity and some craftiness, you could probably create an unconventional wreath out of just about anything. Do you have any examples of outside-the-box wreathes you’ve created successfully? Share with us in the comments!

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!

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