Create a Texas Winter Wonderland (Without the Snow)

By Brooke Drake, December 22, 2015, Events & Fun

With this recent warm holiday weather, the chance of seeing snow in Texas this December is about as likely as spotting a flying pig. Rather than packing up the family to head for the snow, save the hassle and money by bringing winter to you! Try these fun and creative ways to create a Texas winter wonderland – even without the snow.

Create a Texas Winter Wonderland (Without the Snow)

Because most pairs of boots in Texas won’t see snow this year.

1) DIY Snow Globes

Create a Texas Winter Wonderland (Without the Snow)

You really don’t have to be TOO crafty to make this mason jar project.

Snow scenes inside a mason jar can be used for pretty winter wonderland décor. The “snow” can be made out of various types of materials such as sea salt, Styrofoam balls (cut in half), or packages of fake snow sold at craft stores. Pour or place the “snow” into a clear mason jar and add some small figurines like pine trees or deer on top of the “snow” to complete the scene.

2) Snowflakes

Create a Texas Winter Wonderland (Without the Snow)

Scissors + Paper + Creative Snipping = Snowflakes!

Make snowflakes from paper or even tissue paper for great winter wonderland accents. If you are the crafty type, you can cut out your own snowflakes and string them together to make garland. In addition, the snowflakes can be placed on a wreath to make a fun snowflake wreath.

For those less crafty, you can purchase strands of pre-made snowflake garland anywhere from Target to Pottery Barn to craft stores.

3) Wintery Outdoor Items

Take winter-related items found outside like pine cones and pine needle branches, and spray paint them silver and white to give them a snowy look. Then use them to make wintery garland that would be pretty to lay down the middle of your tabletop or on top of the mantel. If you don’t have access to actual outdoor items, you should be able to find them at local craft stores.

4) Lights, Lights and More Lights!

Create a Texas Winter Wonderland (Without the Snow)

No, it’s not really snow, but those white holiday lights do look lovely.

At night, there’s nothing quite like turning the front of your house into something extra beautiful by installing white lights around trees, bushes, and even columns (if you have them). For me, the white lights at night create the look of a fresh snowfall. You can even add an inflatable snowman or two in your front yard to build on the winter wonderland theme.

5) Deer

Along with the theme of white twinkle lights all over the front yard, it can be quite festive to add some deer figurines as well. For an extra winter wonderland feel, add white twinkle lights all around the deer to further develop the concept of snow falling.

What ideas do you have for creating a Texas winter wonderland – even when you know snow won’t be falling any time soon? Share with us in the comments!

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