Festivus for the Rest of Us: 5 Nondenominational Holiday Decorations

By Brooke Drake, December 18, 2015, Events & Fun

One of the great things about living in the United States is our freedom to believe whatever we choose. With such a wide variety of religions practiced throughout the country, the holidays can be a bit tricky to celebrate. If you are looking to celebrate the holidays in a nondenominational fashion (one that doesn’t incorporate the “Festivus Pole“), here are 5 ideas for holiday decorations that bring everyone together to embrace the spirit of the season.

1) Winter Scenes

Festivus for the Rest of Us: 5 Nondenominational Holiday Decorations

Because few things scream “I love the holiday season!” like a yard filled with a huge inflatable snowman circled by thousands of twinkling lights.

The best nondenominational holiday décor incorporates a range of winter themes . I especially like incorporating snowmen, snowflakes, and snow scenes.

  • Home improvement stores and online retailers sell a variety of snowman lawn ornaments, inflatables, and figurines for your home and yard.
  • You can probably find strands of snowflake twinkle lights near Frosty in your local home improvement store. You could also purchase snowflake-themed accent items like throw pillows in most home good stores. As a DIY project, you can cut out paper snowflakes and string them together to make a pretty strand of snowflake garland.
  • For a DIY snow scene, pour sea salt into a clear glass mason jar to serve as your snow. Then place some small figurines like pine trees or deer on top of the “snow” to finish of the scene.

2) Nature Elements

Items found outdoors like pine cones, pine needle branches, and holly berries can be great accessories for holiday decorations. They can be placed in a bowl, arranged into wreathes, or assembled into decorative garland or table centerpieces. If you don’t have access to the outdoors, many retailers and craft stores sell pre-made versions of these items.

3) Garland

As mentioned above, garland can be made out of pine needles, pine cones and berries, but strands of garland can also be made out of a variety of other materials. Burlap is a fun material to use for a more rustic garland strand. You can also tie together a long strand of cinnamon sticks tied together for a yummy smelling garland strand can be a nice alternative.

4) Gingerbread Houses

Festivus for the Rest of Us: 5 Nondenominational Holiday Decorations

Seriously – the trick to a good gingerbread house is NOT eating the components of your design before it’s built.

These are great for kids (or the young at heart) to decorate and use as décor in your home. Just be sure not to eat all of the decorations before finishing the house! Gingerbread house kits can be found at most grocery stores and craft stores.

5) Wreathes

Wreathes are very festive and lack any religious affiliation. Plus the beauty of wreathes is that they can pretty much be made out of anything. You just need a round form to create the shape of the wreath and then use anything ranging from candy and coffee filters to cotton balls and more. The choice is yours!

Do you have any ideas for nondenominational holiday decorations? Share with us in the comments!

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