Recapping the Bounce Energy Charity and Community Efforts for 2015

By Annie Weglicki, January 15, 2016, Charity & Community

At Bounce Energy, giving back is at the core of who we are as individuals, as a brand, and as a social media community. Through our dedicated social media campaigns, we partner with a different Houston charity each month to raise awareness for both the organization and their dedicated cause.

These partnerships allow us to showcase each organization’s charitable work to our customers, friends, and followers in the Bounce Energy community. And each month, we make a base donation of $2500 plus $0.50 for every new Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Follow” we receive during that month.

Recapping the Bounce Energy Charity and Community Efforts for 2015

With 2015 coming to a close, we’re excited to announce that we raised almost $70,000 for local Houston charities and non-profits by welcoming nearly 80,000 new members to our social media community! As a result of this great success, we’d like to thank each and every fan who liked, shared, or retweeted our charity messages to make this unprecedented impact. It really does go to show that you can make an impact on someone’s life with just a click of a button.

Below are the organizations we proudly partnered with during 2015:

January — YMCA Houston

The YMCA is an organization dedicated to the development of Houston’s youth through dedicated programs focused on healthy living.

February ​— Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston

The Ronald McDonald House Houston offers a home away from home, support, and care to families with ill children being treated in Texas Medical Center and its local member institutions.

March ​— St. Jude’s Ranch

St. Jude’s Ranch helps transform the lives of abused and at-risk children, young adults, and families by empowering them to create new chances, new choices, and new hope in a caring community.

April ​— Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund is an organization that educates the next generation about the importance of conservation. The fund has executed projects in all 50 states and has helped to protect over 7.5 million acres of land since 1985.

May ​— The Boot Campaign

The Boot Campaign is dedicated to promoting raising awareness of the challenges service members face in the field and when they return home. The organization provided assistance to all military personnel — past and present — as well as their families.

June ​— Zoey’s Angels

Zoey’s Angels was founded to bring comfort to families who lose an infant child after a lengthy struggle in the hospital.

July ​— The Periwinkle Foundation

The Periwinkle Foundation develops and provides programs that positively change the lives of children, young adults, and families cared for at Texas Children’s Hospital who are challenged by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

August ​— helps to address educational inequity by connecting the public to public schools in need. The organization provides individuals with the tools to provide to local schools in a personal way.

September ​— People Against Leigh Syndrome (PALS)

PALS seeks to build awareness of the mitochondrial disease Leigh Syndrome and support research efforts that would lead to discovery of a treatment or cure.

October ​— The Rose

The Rose is the leading Breast Cancer non-profit organization in Southwest Texas, which provides access to screening, diagnostics and treatment services to any woman regardless of her ability to pay.

November — Bo’s Place

Bo’s Place exists to enhance the lives of those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

December – Texas Children’s Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital is a top-ranked pediatrics hospital located in Houston that serves children regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Throughout the years, Texas Children’s Hospital has started taking on more emergent care, which has made it one of the highest demand pediatric hospitals in the Houston area.

Recapping the Bounce Energy Charity and Community Efforts for 2015

Thank you to all who helped raise awareness for and deliver donations to our 2015 charitable partners. You can continue to help raise awareness throughout 2016 by continuing to share, like, and retweet our charitable messages. More importantly, you can encourage your friends and family to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so we can raise more funds for people doing great work in our world.

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