How Can I Be More Energy Efficient with My House Cleaning?

By Ebony Porter, February 22, 2016, Energy Efficiency

Have you ever watched young children tend to their chores at school? Warned of the dangers of electrical outlets, they don’t use vacuums to sweep the crumbs or blowers to rake the leaves. Without even knowing, their approach to chores is energy efficient!

How Can I Be More Energy Efficient with My House Cleaning?

Energy efficiency is good for your family, your home, and the world!

If you’ve ever thought about bringing the principles of energy efficiency to your home, consider turning back to basics and cleaning with the simplicity like school children do. Not only will you cut your electrical and energy costs, your cleaning will also be much quieter! You could even employ your children to help you get the job done, especially those who are terrified of the vacuum. Just check out these 7 tips!

1) Trade the Sounds of a Vacuum for Silence 

Do you recall those silent sweepers of yesteryear? They are still being manufactured and require no electricity to run! Rather than hauling out the vacuum, consider using one of these old-school sweepers to clean up your carpets and hard floors. Many of them come with settings for both, and without the loud noise, you can clean while baby (or partner!) sleeps.

2) Rake and Mulch, Don’t Blow 

How Can I Be More Energy Efficient with My House Cleaning?

Take advantage of the sunshine whenever you can!

If your property contains trees (and we hope it does!), you know that cleaning leaves is a regular task. And for all their supposed convenience, leaf blowers require gasoline to run, don’t really push the leaves into tidy piles, are as loud as a hurricane, and when broken, either require money to fix or replacement entirely. While some blowers do act as vacuums, there’s a better solution.

Pick up an old fashioned rake and a box of biodegradable bags. Get your kids outside with you and have them help you either rake or put the leaves into bags. If you have a number of garden beds, use those fallen leaves as free mulch. Or even better: use the fallen leaves as carbon on your compost pile. Did we mention that raking is great exercise, too?

3) Wash Linens in Cold Water 

Nothing gives your home that fresh and clean feeling like the washing of linens, curtains, and blankets. When you wash with hot water and rinse with warm, you are spending money to heat up your water, and essentially wasting money. Cold water does just as good a job as hot.

4) Line Dry Your Laundry

How Can I Be More Energy Efficient with My House Cleaning?

Who needs a dryer when you have the sunshine?!

There is nothing like the smell of laundry that has been hung in the sun and fresh air to dry. Skip using your dryer on sunny days by drying your clothing and linens on the line. If you don’t have a line, grab a cotton rope about 5 yards long and tie it from one sturdy structure to another.

If it’s a windy day, be sure and clip your items to the line so they don’t blow away! When you line dry, you avoid the possibility of shrinking your clothing. Drying on the line is also the only way you should dry old linens, tablecloths, quilts, and other handmade items around your home.

5) Replace Filters and Get a Service 

It’s important to keep your HVAC  system running smoothly. This being Texas, you will want that cold air blowing when the summer heat arrives! Dirty filters slow down air flow, so be sure and replace them before your air conditioner really gets active. And have an HVAC technician come out each March or April to give your system a good cleaning to ensure your system operates with maximum efficiently before that first big heat wave hits.

6) Replace Bulbs with LED 

If you haven’t already, replace your current fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs. Not only do they use less electricity to run, they last so much longer than old incandescent bulbs and CFLs. Keep your house nicely lit with the smarter technology of LED.

7) Hand Wash Your Dishes 

How Can I Be More Energy Efficient with My House Cleaning?

Dish pan hands for everyone!

There’s no need to run your dishwasher for only a few items. It wastes water and electricity. Save the energy by using a bit of old-fashioned elbow grease! And for those large pots needing a good scrub, do it by hand.

Do you have some tried and true simple ways to make your house sparkle while staying energy efficient? Share with our readers below!

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